Guyu's friend Mr. Pelican

Muller Park, Bli Bli

Guyu's friend Mr. Pelican

Hope is a Kabi-Kabi (also known as Gubbi-Gubbi), Wakka-Wakka, Koa. Gugu-Yalanji who holds a Doctor of Education Indigenous Knowledge, and a Doctor of Philosophy, Creative Arts, and Industry. She is an educator and artist, who has worked in education from the early 1980’s and as a professional artist from 1993. She has developed and presented artworks through her studio art practice for forty-two exhibitions across local, national, and international venues and forums. Born into the dormitory systems on the Aboriginal Settlement of Cherbourg, her dedication to education and art, and all of its forms, evolved out of the intensities of attitudes and values that prevailed in the historic treatment of Cherbourg residents, and other Indigenous Australians.

During her career as a senior executive in Queensland education, she has been responsible for curriculum, staffing and resourcing to 250 state schools in the Peninsular region, and was a consultant to the Director-general, Education Queensland, and Minister for Education. She has been a consultant in the private sector, senior public servant, and member of many State and National Committees reviewing the Arts, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island Affairs disabilities, migrant affairs, child-care, education, training, and employment. Additionally, She has served six consecutive years as a Commissioner of Corrective Services, Trustee of the Queensland Art Gallery, and member of other Statutory Boards in Queensland.


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Muller Park,
Muller Park Road
Bli Bli


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Hope O'Chin

Hope O'Chin