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The Big Fish story seat
The big fish

The Big Fish tells the story of a little old man who employs the help of his family to try and catch an enormous fish. Written by Pamela Allen, this exciting and playful tale is filled with rhyme and repetition that pulls its readers in, just as the little old man attempts to do with his humongous fish. The book is filled with charming illustrations that drive the reader to turn the page and discover what happens next. This much-loved children’s book is a great read for all, even better for those who wish, wish, wish they could catch a big fish.

The Big Fish, published by Penguin Books in 2016, is one of over 50 books by Pamela Allen. Since releasing her first book in 1980, Pamela has become a powerhouse in the world of children’s literature, winning countless award and accolades. With her distinctive style of illustrations, Pamela has become a staple for those only interested in the best children’s books.


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