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First 5 Forever communication boards

Discover communication boards at your local park

Communication boards have been created by Sunshine Sign and Sing in partnership with Sunshine Coast Council and are situated in a number of parks across the region.

Each board contains a range of pictures and signs that can be used to express needs and wants, ask questions and offer choices.

Key Word Sign (KWS) is an Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) tool using signs (borrowed from Auslan), gestures and facial expressions alongside speech. It can be used by and for all children but is of most use to those with any form of communication barrier.  Whether they are still learning to talk, their speech is unclear or they are unable to speak, Key Word Sign can be that bridge to help get their needs and wants understood and met.

These communication boards are a great AAC tool. The picture board allows the user to point to the picture to get their communication across and the corresponding KWS boards allows users to learn the signs at the same time.  

  • To use the picture boards, point to the picture whilst saying the word.
  • To use the Key Word Sign Boards, say the word as you sign them.

The communication boards have been funded by First 5 Forever, a Queensland State Government universal family literacy program aimed at supporting strong language and literacy environments for young children from 0–5 years and their families.