Conditions of entry

Conditions of Entry apply to all Sunshine Coast Libraries premises including the immediate vicinity of the building

Conditions of entry

Sunshine Coast Libraries - Conditions of Entry

Sunshine Coast Council as the owner / operator and the regulator of libraries pursuant to Sunshine Coast Regional Council Local Law No. 4 (Local Government Controlled Areas, Facilities, Infrastructure and Roads) 2011 can establish policies, guidelines and procedures regarding the operation and use of the relevant place.

Sunshine Coast Libraries are committed to providing a safe, welcoming and respectful places for all members, visitors and staff.

These Conditions of Entry apply to all Sunshine Coast Library premises, including the immediate vicinity of the building, and all mobile library facilities.

This means that anybody entering these premises or its immediate surrounds agree to follow these conditions upon entry.

Conditions of Entry

Sunshine Coast Libraries welcome all people and asks that patrons of the library follow standards of behaviour to ensure that:

  • the security and safety of people and property is respected
  • due regard is shown for the needs, interests and rights of others.

Those entering the library or its immediate surrounds:

(a) Must:

  • act in a courteous and respectful manner
  • make any bags, folders, property or equipment available for inspection by library staff
  • maintain reasonable community dress and hygiene standards
  • leave if directed to do so by library staff
  • abide by all reasonable directions given by library staff, and
  • only enter during opening hours unless otherwise authorised.

(b) Must not:

  • cause distress or fear to persons
  • assault, threaten, intimidate or harass
  • disrupt others or the library operations
  • consume alcohol
  • smoke tobacco or use vaping devices
  • leave personal possessions unattended
  • administer or consume illicit drugs
  • undertake fund raising (including sell raffle tickets)
  • distribute a petition or conduct a survey
  • use audio or visual recording device without written approval
  • take photos or other imagery of a person without person’s consent
  • operate or solicit a business
  • leave an unattended minor
  • display offensive or objectionable material such as pornography, expressions of racial hatred or representations of violence
  • use library systems, property, assets or processes inappropriately
  • make excessive noise (including use mobile phones in designated quiet areas), or
  • bring a dog or animal into the library (including foyer), with the exception of certified Guide, Hearing or Assistance dogs.

Sunshine Coast Council reserves the right to:

  • remove a person from its libraries who is in breach of its policies,
  • cancel (either temporarily or permanently) their library membership or
  • resort to public prosecution if the need arises.

Response to Breaching the Conditions of Entry:

The initial response to breaching the conditions will be to alert the offending person to the fact their behaviour/action is contrary to the conditions. A warning or direction (or both) may be given.

Failure to comply with any reasonable direction by library staff to rectify a breach or repeated breaches of the conditions may result in the offender being banned from entry and use of Sunshine Coast Libraries and library resources

Except in the event of dangerous or unlawful behaviour at which time an immediate ban can be imposed, a written notice of intention to ban will be issued to persons in breach of the conditions together with the opportunity to respond. In order that the nature of the breach is fully understood, specific details of the breach will be provided with the notice of intention to ban. The delegated council officer will properly consider any response received to the proposed ban before making any decision.

A person who enters any Sunshine Coast Library premise (including mobile library) while they are under a ban is trespassing and may be removed by security staff or QPS officers (see section 277 of the Criminal Code and section 48 of the Police Powers and Responsibilities Act 2002). A person who is trespassing may also be prosecuted under Queensland law (see section 11 of the Summary Offences Act 2005).


A person who has been banned may appeal to the Chief Executive Officer, Sunshine Coast Council in writing within 7 days. The appellant must be informed of a decision within 28 days of receipt of the appeal.