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Digital technologies

Learn digital technologies


Grade 2 – Adult

Great lessons on building websites, managing data and learning command lines in all programming languages.

Grade 2 – Adult

Learn to make your own game, app or computer drawing, or for older grades learn coding.

Grade 7 – Grade 12

Tutorials from beginners to advanced on computers, tablets, smartphones, smartTV, social media and digital photography. Sign in with your member number.

Grade 5 – Grade 10

A coding app which allows users to build games, turn drawings into animations, and simulate maths problems.


Grade 3 – Grade 10

A visual programming tool allows users to program interactive media including stories, games and animations.


Grade 2 – Adult

Get your STEM fix, totally unplugged. Design a robot, crack the code, learn stop motion and all about the internet of things! The team at STEMPunks® have created some great online lessons for you to learn and experiment at home. If you are interested, register for free.


Grade 1 – Adult

A free 3D design, electronics, and coding application.


Grade 1 – Grade 12

Typing Club is a online keyboard to help students of all skill levels increase their typing speed and accuracy.