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Learn science

Ask Dr Universe

Grade 2 – Grade 6

Dr. Wendy Sue Universe is a very smart cat who investigates tough questions from curious primary school students. Based out of Washington State University, Dr. Universe teams up with professors, researchers, and experts in the field, to tackle big questions like: What is fire? Why does soda fizz? Why is the ocean salty? Why is liquid nitrogen so cold?

Australian Geographic

Grade 1 – Grade 6

The Australian Reptile Park have created a range of educational videos on Australian animals. Watch them all through the Australian Geographic site.

Disney Imagineering

Imagineering in a box is designed to pull back the curtain to show you how artists, designers and engineers work together to create theme parks. Go behind the scenes with Disney Imagineers and complete project-based exercises to design a theme park of your very own.

Double Helix

Grade 3 – Grade 6

A blog from CSIRO, the leading scientific agency in Australia, this blog is updated regularly with fun experiments and information.

Gale Health and Wellness

Articles, videos and news on over 300 health related topics including meditation and yoga videos. For quality, balanced and reliable health information Gale Health and Wellness provides a wealth of information on current health issues and topics. Sign in through the State Library of Queensland.

Gale Interactive Science

Explore science’s most popular subjects through interactive learning and activities and digital resources. Sign in with your member number.

Science by Doing

Grade 7 – Grade 10

Online science program which supports students' science learning through a guided inquiry approach.

Science magazines

Grade 4 – Grade 12

From Australian Geographic to Australian Sky & Telescope, there are a range of eMagazines free to read. Download the Libby by Overdrive app to your device and sign up with your library membership number.

The Surfing Scientist

Kindergarten – Grade 12 

Science experiments, lesson plans, tricks and demonstrations from ABC’s The Surfing Scientist, Ruben Meerman.