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Starting a book club

Start your own book club today

Starting a book club

Start your own book club today and enjoy the benefits.

  • Exclusive use of over 700 titles.
  • Connect and meet likeminded book lovers.
  • Recommend titles for purchase.
  • Submit and read book club reviews.
  • Book club eNews for information, news and events.

Find members

You can start a book club with just two people. An ideal book club size is eight members as each book club set contains eight copies of a title.

Find new members among friends, family, neighbours and workmates. You can also try social media groups, noticeboards and newspapers. Library staff can also help you find members.

Once you have established a group, nominate a coordinator and choose a name for your book club. The role of the coordinator is to organise meetings and act as the primary contact. The coordinator manages loans, organises payment of the annual fee and onboards new members.


Visit your local library to register your club. Once you have registered, sign in to your book club account and use the pay charges option to pay the annual $100 club fee. The annual fee is used to buy approximately 60 new book club sets each year for book club use.


  • Each book club set contains eight copies of a title.
  • Book club sets are loaned for six weeks.
  • Book clubs will always have something to read as you can borrow two book club sets at a time.
  • Book clubs can only reserve one book club set at a time.
  • Book club reservations can only be made using the library catalogue and titles cannot be reserved using the Library App.
  • Book clubs can only reserve "Available" titles that are not reserved by other book clubs.

Book Club eNews

The Book Club eNews is sent three times a year. Discover new titles and service updates. Subscribe to the Book Club eNews.