People looking at computers
Tech help volunteer

Technology Help Volunteers provide personalised one-on-one technology assistance to library members. Volunteers help library members looking for information within the volunteer’s skill set and field of understanding.  


Typical duties

A Technology Help Volunteer may be asked to:

  • explain and assist in the implementation of a new program or platform
  • develop the understanding of a user to better operate the device they own
  • assist in the discovery of hardware or software  
  • advise a library member of available resources, such as eBooks, and assist them in their use.


Technology Help Volunteers will need:

  • skills and expertise in Mac, Windows, Android and iOS across desktops, laptops, tablets and mobile devices
  • good communication and motivational skills
  • patience and empathy
  • enjoy social interaction
  • commit to an agreed session schedule with reasonable notice for absences 
  • maintain student confidentiality and uphold Council’s Privacy Policy
  • volunteer approximately three(3) hours per week.

More information

For more information, contact the Library Supervisor at your local library or register your interest to volunteer.