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Meeting room conditions of use

Community meeting rooms available through Sunshine Coast Libraries

Meeting room conditions of use
  • Library meeting rooms are available at no charge for community use.
  • Community use means functions or meetings held by non-profit community groups.
  • While using the meeting rooms, no admissions may be charged and no products or services may be advertised, solicited or sold.
  • Community groups whom regularly book a meeting room need to be aware they are not covered by council’s public liability insurance policy for negligence while using the venue.
  • The hirer/user will take due care to minimise risk to users of the facility.
  • Occasional special use conditions such as fee-based educational workshops may be negotiated at the discretion of the library manager.
  • After-hours access may be negotiated according to location (if applicable).
  • Arrangements must be made in advance to obtain keys/access cards.
  • Key/access cards must be promptly returned to the library after each use (if applicable).
  • After-hours meeting room users (nights and weekend use) are required to notify the relevant security company upon both entering and leaving the meeting room to ensure security procedures are in place (if applicable).
  • Failure to correctly lock up and secure the meeting room will incur a security fee (if applicable).
  • Meeting-room users are requested to leave rooms in a clean and tidy condition, including kitchen facilities where available.
  • Groups accessing meeting rooms after hours are responsible for securing the room and turning off the lights and electrical appliances (if applicable).
  • The hiring/use of any meeting room shall be subject to cancellation by the council (with or without notice) in the event of national emergency, council function or any other matter necessitating such cancellation, and the decision as to the necessity of such cancellation shall be at the discretion of council.
  • To ensure reasonable access to all groups, length of booking tenure will be reviewed annually at the discretion of the library manager.
  • Community meeting rooms are not available for use as ongoing office space by any community group or individual.