The best books, sites and magazines to help you learn to code


The library has the best books, sites and even magazines to help you learn to code.

Cool Coding Kits

An early introduction to coding for children 18 months and up. Kits available to reserve and borrow from your local library.

Coding books

The library has a huge range of books to help you learn all different coding languages from Scratch to Ruby.

Beanz: Kids, code and computer science

A monthly magazine with everything you ever wanted to know about coding, gaming, computer engineering and much more. The online version is also available to library members so you can read all the back issues.

Coding websites

There are a huge range of free websites where you (and your parents!) can learn how to code.


Created by the incredibly smart people at MIT, this site helps you understand coding by building blocks of commands. You can create games, animations and have a lot of fun.

Full of lesson plans for self-paced learning - for all ages! See if you can get Mum or Dad to learn with you.


Great lessons on building websites, managing data and learning command lines in all programming languages.

CodeWizards HQ

A quick reference guide to all the common programming terms and definitions.


If you cannot find a CoderDoJo club in your neighbourhood you can still participate. Visit their resource page to find a huge range of projects to create websites, make wearables and learn how to protect the planet with Scratch projects.

Hour of code

A great place to get started with your coding adventure! Make levels of Angry Birds and Plants Vs. Zombies as you learn the building blocks of programming, and then find lots of great resources to continue with whatever interests you.

Code Club Australia

Discover free projects to get you coding at home.


Use this tool for a variety of projects, such as building apps, modifying Minecraft, or coding drones.


From Google for Education, acts as a visual editor for five programming languages, including Java, Python, and PHP. Use the tool to see the relationship between code and effect, as well as to prevent incorrectly written code. The tool also features a game so that you can learn how to use the Blockly editor.

Code Monster

Use this fun online emulator to learn JavaScript. It’s online tutorial sets exercises that only requires a web browser and time to play around.


Employs a drag-and-drop programming tool, meaning you can create and publish games without getting lost in a coding language.


Is a puzzle game based on coding; it secretly teaches you programming logic as you play!

Swift Playgrounds

Lets you do so in a fun and highly-interactive way. Written in Apple’s own Swift language—which is used to develop iOS-specific apps—and offering a handful of varied coding courses, Swifts Playground is a surprisingly effective coding tool.


Lets you improve your coding skills with games. It all starts in the IDE, where you will code and test new ideas.