Tech Help One on One

Trying to keep on top of technology is difficult. If you need help using a device, platform or program and a myTech session does not suit, libraries have skilled volunteers willing to assist. These volunteers can help:

  • explain and assist in the implementation of a new program or platform
  • develop understanding to better operate your device
  • assist with finding hardware or software
  • advise how and where to find available resources, such as eBooks, and then assist in their use.

Tech Help sessions vary in length. Beginners are encouraged to attend and you are welcome to bring your own device. Volunteers work with you one-on-one in the library.

Due to the Beerwah Library refurbishment, Tech Help will not occur at Beerwah Library from Saturday 3 March to Saturday 17 March.

View available days and times at:

To make a booking, contact library staff and confirm your topic.

Note: not all volunteers cover all topics.