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Engineering is the application of science and math to solve problems. Engineers figure out how things work and find practical uses for scientific discoveries. Scientists and inventors often get the credit for innovations that advance the human condition, but it is engineers who are instrumental in making those innovations available to the world.

Engineers design, evaluate, develop, test, modify, install, inspect and maintain a wide variety of products and systems. They also recommend and specify materials and processes, supervise manufacturing and construction, conduct failure analysis, provide consulting services and teach engineering courses in colleges and universities.


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Online engineering

What is "Imagineering in a Box"? Walt Disney Imagineering is the creative team that designs and builds all of the Disney theme parks, resorts, attractions, and cruise ships worldwide. Disney theme parks are story-telling and visual experiences, also known as "The Art of the Show." The use of theming, atmosphere, and attention to detail are essential in the Disney experience. Imagineering in a Box is an online learning tool that allows you to explore different aspects of theme park design, from characters to ride development, and design a theme park of your very own.

  • Lesson 1: Build your own worlds - Introducing the ideas of realistic storytelling and the difference between an amusement park and a theme park. Explore how storytelling and theme impact every decision made in the design of a land and they engage all senses.
  • Lesson 2: Build your own attractions - What do you want to do with your themed land? There is a vast range of possible attractions within a themed land, focusing on dark rides (indoor amusement rides). Create a summary, a digital layout and a physical model of your attraction. 
  • Lesson 3: Build your own character - Who do you want to meet in your land as you travel through it (who lives there?) Explore bringing characters to life and the process of character development with character sheets, costume design and animatronics. 

Disney’s best attractions

  • The Haunted Mansion at Walt Disney World Florida is a slow-moving ride where a "Ghost Host" guides you through a haunted estate filled with supernatural surprises 
  • Alice’s Curious Labyrinth in Disneyland Paris is a wander through adventure with familiar characters like the Cheshire Cat and the Queen of Hearts and her castle 
  • Space Mountain at Tokyo Disneyland is an indoor rollercoaster that has a theme of high-speed interstellar travel 
  • Mission: Breakout! at Disney California is a Guardians of the Galaxy themed adventure with 6 different storylines to explore 
  • Mystic Manor at Disneyland Hong Kong is a haunted house-themed attraction that is exclusive to Disneyland Hong Kong  
  • Pirates of the Caribbean: Battle for the Sunken Treasure at Shanghai Disney Resort is a magnetic powered dark ride featuring Captain Jack Sparrow and Davy Jones 

Check out the Disney Parks Official Blog and this ranking of every Disney park. A lot of these rides are based on the best of Disney and Pixar’s movies – ever wonder how those movies are created? Would you believe it if they took just as much hard work (perhaps even more) than it took to create the coasters and rides? 


  • Pixar in a Box is a behind-the-scenes look at how Pixar artists do their jobs. Animating bouncing balls, building a swarm of robots and making virtual fireworks explode. Hosted with Khan Academy, Pixar have collaborated to create and develop a series of learning tutorials on just what it takes to create a Pixar movie. 
  • Character modelling is the process of creating a character within the 3D space of computer programs. The techniques for character modelling are essential for third - and first - person experiences within film, animation, games, and VR training programs.
  • Rendering is used in both 2D and 3D computer animation. ... It is the process of getting the final assembled animation scenes or pieces out of the computer in the format of a sequence of individual frames. The aim of rendering is to generate a series of individual pixel based frames or a video clip.
  • Rigging is a technique used in skeletal animation for representing a 3D character model using a series of interconnected digital bones. Specifically, rigging refers to the process of creating the bone structure of a 3D model. This bone structure is used to manipulate the 3D model like a puppet for animation.
  • Animation is a method in which figures are manipulated to appear as moving images. In traditional animation, images are drawn or painted by hand on transparent celluloid sheets to be photographed and exhibited on film. Today, most animations are made with computer-generated imagery
  • Sets and Staging is how you go about setting up your scene, from the placement of the characters, to the background and foreground elements, the character's mood, and how the camera angle is set up. Staging is used to make the purpose of the animation unmistakably clear to the viewer. An animation set contains a list of geometry objects to be animated, and a list of key frames that describe how it is to be animated. The order of animation sets within a scene is important and can be used to control the final object position when the same object is used in multiple animation sets



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On the web

  • Make: community magazine – maker movement, revelling in the creation of new devices and tinkering with existing ones.
  • Tinkercad – a free, easy-to-use app for 3D design, electronics and coding. Used by anyone to imagine, design and make anything.  
  • Set sail on It’s a Small World virtual boat ride.
  • Space Mountain front row night vision virtual tour at Walt Disney World.
  • Top Ten Disneyland rides – Virtual park hopping Disney rides.
  • Cargo Bridge – Build a bridge and test your construction skills with this game by
  • Linkage Draw – Connect the static parts with rotating wheels to create a drawing.
  • Layer MAZE – a brain breaking 3D puzzle, make your way through the maze to exit the level
  • Roller Coaster Builder app on Apple and Android.

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