Roxanne McCarty-O'Kane

I have been a professional storyteller since 2007, when I began a career in journalism. I have always loved human interest stories and getting to know people's experiences and how they came to gain their unique knowledge. This led to a move into nonfiction book ghostwriting, writing coaching and mentoring. Now I get to tell and encourage new stories to come out every day!

Ignite & Write: The Mindful Author

There are words, experiences, visions, ideas or beliefs inside your head that simply MUST come out! You have been asking for a sign, looking for a structure and thirsting for the pathway to share what you know… But you’ve been stuck. “I don’t have the time.”  “I’m not an expert.” “No one will read what I write.” Sadly, these are all self-imposed and fictitious reasons why you have not put pen to paper. These thoughts are not right or real. They will only hold you back and stop you from making the difference you were born to make! The Mindful Author is part one of the Ignite & Write series designed to step you through from first word to final draft using the Phoenix Phenomenon process.
This is the first flame inviting your story to RISE! Through these pages, you’ll find your inspiration and your step by step guide as Roxanne leads you through your fears, roadblocks and self-doubt to confidence and completion. It’s time to embrace the mindset of an author. It is time to Ignite your passion and Write your book. The world is waiting for your message!