R. Lennard

R. Lennard was ten-years-old when she discovered that the squiggles on the page meant something. Devouring every book in the library, Rebecca figured out she could be all she dreamed of and more if she became an author. Fantasy became her home away from home, and she loves to share the worlds she has created with her readers in the YA series, Lissae. When Rebecca is not writing, she cosplays and masquerades as a librarian.


A secret uncovered.  An ancient curse at work.  The fate of the Realm at stake. Ten days to save them all. Shari Dawn, a Blank, appears to be just another teen living blissfully on a sentient, Shifting Island called Ronah. When her secret identity is uncovered, Shari must learn how to control her powers, preparing to be tested in a prophecy passed down from the ancients, which will determine her role in the Realm's future. But sinister forces infect the dreams of Ronah's people, and start to kill them off, one by one. With a team she didn't want by her side, Shari must decide who lives and who dies. The fate of the Realm is in her hands...


A misplaced arrow could cause a war… Wracked with guilt, Shari must face the joining of two Shifting Islands with her sword at the ready. But the search for the Guardian’s next apprentice is still underway, fear strikes her heart. Not all the candidates are who they claim to be. And a fearsome new foe is out for revenge. Can Shari lower her defences enough to let someone else in? Or will the decision cost her more than she’s willing to give?


Something is watching them from the shadows… After a devastating betrayal, Shari longs for life to return to the way things were. But she has little time to dwell on normality. A devastating new foe rises, and former enemies become allies in the fight to save Lissae. Juggling school by day, and patrolling by night, it will only take one slip up to bring everything crashing down. Shari must battle her way to the heart of her problems… or die trying.