Peter Oredsson

I was very naughty as a child - nothing illegal, but always getting up to mischief. My siblings always wanted my parents to tell them about my adventures. My grandson wanted to hear about my antics as well. So I decided to write them down. It became my first book Peeta Oreda and The Power of Number in 2009. English is my second language. My Second book Bloodline Incursion in 2010, 3rd The Sicilian Favour in 2016 and I have just finished the sequel Girl Age 14 Wanted and I am looking at publishing options. 

The Sicilian Favour!

Indulge yourself in a world of intrigue, drugs, murder and the criminal underworld in Peter Oredsson's The Sicilian Favour! The human condition is brought very much into sharp focus with the author's defining characterisation which demonstrates the twin governing principles that often dominate in life, fear and greed. A clever plot line weaves all the threads together resulting in an unexpected and impossible to predict conclusion, linking together seemingly unconnected people with dramatic and devastating results. The Sicilian Favour! has an international setting and is a compelling tale which will keep the reader's attention to the end via a mix of horrible fascination and personal empathy with the plight of some of the main characters. For those readers that believe in luck both good and bad and fate, there is a liberal sprinkling of all of these too as the plot twists and turns through to its dramatic ending. The Sicilian Favour! is a real page turner from an established author who knows just what it takes to keep the reader's attention.