Michel Deverall

Michel is a children's author based on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland. She studied Professional Children's Writing & Publishing for three years, graduating with nine High Distinctions. She writes both junior fiction and picture books, and is passionate about encouraging reluctant readers to enjoy reading, which is one of the reasons she chooses to write humorous stories. Not all kids like to read, but they do like to laugh - which can sometimes be all the motivation they need to start them on their reading journey. She describes her writing style as fast-paced, with lots of unpredictability along the way.

My Gran Does Karate

My gran does karate. She knows how to block and chop, and how to kick and spin. Don't let her wrinkles and old skinny bones fool you. My gran is really strong! This legendary Gran is about to Hi-Yah her way into your heart and show you what real Grannies are made of. But who will be in the firing line when she chops and blocks her way all over town?