Marg Gibbs

I have always loved words and the magic of their sound. My secondary teaching in English allowed me to connect to more words and wonderful students with reading, poetry and literature. While parenting small children I traditionally published in magazines and a book on the Brisbane 74 Floods. Now as a retiree, I have self-published 12 books for children, picture books and poetry collections. Living in a rural community like Mapleton allows me the setting of nature, the warmth of a community and the time to express a passion for story. Professionally, I am a member of ASA, SCWBI and Book Links.

The Post Office Pup

The mail van pulls in every day to the local post office. But Shilo the cocker spaniel dog that snuggles on his blanket behind the counter waits for his surprise. What will it be? Is it what he expects? Sometimes surprises come not in the form of letters. A family picture story about team work, love and joy in nature. Ideal for ages 2 and up.

Tomorrow Land - poems to make you wonder

Tomorrow Land brings about all sorts of possibilities, wonders and imaginings for younger readers. Over 40 poems by sisters Marg Gibbs and Kim Roberts provide a thought-provoking and appealing style. Read about The Hairies, The Treehouse, Dreaming with Eyes Open, The Midnight Librarian and Willa's Wings. There are simple ones like Wormy Wedding and My Belly Button to The House of Words for discerning readers. Illustrations include collage, digital and hand ink drawing. Ideal for ages prep to 11.

I'm a Viking Kid - poems for the brave and fierce

If you like adventure, travel and a hint of Norse mythology, then I'm a Viking Kid poetry book is for you. In this collection take a journey from birth, childhood, family to sea faring adventures a long time ago. Read aloud Fenrir the Wolf, Stone Cold Sea, Leif Flatnose, Gunnar the Runner, and My Family. This book is ideal for classroom discussion, in drama on the ancient past with skilful warriors, farmers and traders. It's feisty and fun. 

Jasper's Jumbled up words

Jasper’s Jumbled up Words is a gentle story about a young boy who wants to be understood. ‘In Jasper’s head, strange sounds bubble, but in his mouth the words get caught and only babble comes out.’ Jasper soon finds himself confused and upset. Then one day, he surprises everyone. Jasper’s Jumbled up Words sensitively deals with the difficulties surrounding language development and offers children, parents and care givers hope.

Kingdom of Rooms - Poems for Children Who Love to Collect

In a Palace or Castle there are many rooms and objects to glimpse. Discover unique poems written about collections in nine rooms. Poet Marg Gibbs, featuring Jenny Catalano and illustrator Margeaux Davis, capture a range of read aloud, imaginative poems. From poems about feathers, flags, to shields, swords and toys, you will find something to enjoy. Ideal for ages 4 and up.