Lyn Lysaught

I have always had the writing bug but it was not until I retired from a teaching career that I could devote enough time to fulfill my writing dreams. My first picture book was independently published in 2016 and so began the Maisie series. I now have 4 titles featuring the mischievous little beagle who travels the world and beyond in search of adventure. Fast forward 2 years and my first Inspector Maisie, Super Sleuth chapter book was released. I now have 2 titles in this series. Maisie has grown up and is an extremely clever detective who can solve even the most difficult cases. It is so much fun writing and sharing my books with kids.

Maisie's Moon Mission

Maisie, a clever little beagle, wants to become an astronaut. She dreams of travelling to the moon. Mr and Mrs Harris, her unsuspecting owners, believe Maisie is attending Mrs Whippet's Dog Training School. But instead, she has decided to enrol in the Astro Space Academy. Soon she's on her way to the moon! What strange creatures will she meet? Will her moon mission be a success or a failure?

Inspector Maisie, Super Sleuth: The Case of the Golden Sphinx

A black shadow creature is terrorizing the residents of Dogsville. A golden sphinx with supernatural powers has been stolen from the Dogsville Museum. What is the connection between the dangerous black shadow and the mysterious golden sphinx? According to Police Chief Jones and his offsider, Deputy Baxter, no crimes have been committed and there is nothing to investigate. Can Inspector Maisie and Harris, her trusted assistant, solve the baffling 'Case of the Golden Sphinx' before it's too late? 

Maisie and the Mermaids

Maisie, a clever little beagle, decides to become a scuba diver and explore the ocean. Mr and Mrs Harris, her unsuspecting owners, believe Maisie is playing safely on the beach. But Maisie is having fun scuba diving in the ocean. Soon she meets Princess Zara and her mermaid sisters. They have been locked out of their golden palace. The terrifying Octo has stolen the golden key and hidden it in his Cave of Darkness. Maisie must enter the Cave of Darkness to find the golden key. Will she be able to help the princess mermaids or will her underwater adventure end in disaster?

Play it Again Maisie

Maisie, a clever little beagle, travels the world as a famous concert pianist. She performs at the Sydney Opera House, the Vienna State Opera, and Carnegie Hall. Can Maisie really play the piano or is she tricking her unsuspecting owners Mr and Mrs Harris once again?Will the concert audience discover her secret, or will the mischievous Maisie continue to outsmart them?

Just like Maisie

Maisie, a clever little beagle, tags along with her unsuspecting owners Mr and Mrs Harris on an exciting holiday. Maisie enjoys the holiday with them, using many unbelievable and inventive disguises to avoid being recognised. Will Mr and Mrs Harris find out the truth or will the mischievous Maisie continue to trick them?