Lorraine Roberts

I became a writer to record my life story to share with family. I then wrote a variety of books: Indonesian cookbook, three books of poems, wise words and short stories; five fiction novellas focussing on social issues such as child development, homelessness, domestic violence, cross-cultural relationships, and work/family balance. Then I discovered and wrote a mental wellbeing technique using colour in nature called Balance With Colour. My current passion is to share that technique worldwide. To honour our son who inspired that discovery I have written a tribute book about his life as an artist.

Balance With Colour: Guide

Balance With Colour: Guide, is a follow-on from the book Balance With Colour: To avoid sliding into depression. This guide describes in more detail how colours in nature can help to remind us to focus on positive thoughts, words and actions that can bring balance into our lives when negativity is overwhelming us. It contains sections giving notes and advice to individuals, parents, teachers, professional and social groups to promote personal growth and character development. A range of materials to support the learning and practice of colour balancing is available and is described and easy to follow. The aim of this book is to make the Balance With Colour technique an accessible tool for anyone, young or old, who needs to achieve balance in their life. Colour is a gift from nature and can enable us to stay positive as we tackle our day-to-day stresses.

To Put It Another Way

After many years of struggle to understand and to express herself in the English language, having been raised in Indonesia, Lorraine Roberts has finally found her voice. To Put It Another Way is an anthology of Lorraine’s poems, wise saying and stories that share Lorraine’s views about the human condition that she has observed over the many years of her extensive cross-cultural experiences, international travel and residences. Born in Australia, Lorraine has lived in Indonesia, England, Kenya, Papua New Guinea and Australia. There is much to be learned from her words that will enrich the lives of the readers.

My Name Is Not Benji, my name is Benjamin Maxwell Golding

This story is a about a father who became obsessed with his business at the expense of his family, but was saved by a homeless man, who had been through a similar experience.