Lindsay Rigby

I am an eighty-five year old woman. My life has been shaped by literature having been an avid reader for as long as I can remember. However, the circumstances of my life choices have precluded me from doing much writing. The little I have done, apart from fiery “letters to the editor” is mainly unpublished stories I have written for several writing groups to which I have belonged in later years. In 2018 I self-published my first book. I have had some success with photography, consequently my book is illustrated with a few of my photographs.

Don’t Tell Anyone - Tell All!

This book is loosely based on some facts I discovered when researching my own paternal grandmother. It tells the stories of five generations of women commencing in 1830 and concluding in the present era. I have tried to describe each generations experiences from a particularly female perspective, especially with regard to the prevailing social mores of their times. In doing so, I have explored these main themes - The effects on each generation of having a convict heritage, genetic tendencies towards alcoholism and Australia’s penchant for alcohol, feminism and racism. These issues have been woven into the individual lives of each of the women as they have reared their families against a background of conquest, colonisation, commerce and rural living.