Leanne Scott

From the time Lea Scott picked up her first crayon, writing has been one of her lifelong passions. She founded her finance career in Insolvency – an area steeped in corporate crime. Lea faced adversaries both in court and at the end of a gun barrel. It was this experience that first whetted her appetite for writing crime stories. Lea completed a PhD in creative writing and has independently published three crime thrillers and numerous short stories. This led her into a career as an author, lecturer, mentor and workshop facilitator and she has served as Chair of Queensland Writers Centre.

One for All

How far will one person go for family? ​Ex-airforce pilot Ricky Winger and his brother-in-law Ted stumble across an underground people trafficking racket at an abandoned airfield in Phoenix, run by a ruthless Mexican cartel. When they kill Ted, Ricky infiltrates the cartel’s ranks hell-bent on retribution. Now the cartel has kidnapped his sister and mother for ransom, and the only way to keep them alive is to unlock an age-old family secret to find a stash of money hidden in far-off Australia during a WWII plane crash. Ricky’s only chance to find the money is to re-build the rocky relationship with his estranged father, an agoraphobic war veteran living reclusively in the Australian bush, who holds the secret to its location. Sassy, risk-taking undercover detective Sol Ramirez has only ever had one agenda as she climbed the U.S. police ranks – to track down the men who gunned down her parents and trafficked her into child prostitution. With her own personal agenda to avenge her parents’ deaths, can she keep her promise to Ricky to keep his family safe while he is away or will the cartel carry out their threat to send Ricky’s family home to him in pieces?


By all appearances, Jade Sheffield has it all; a successful law career, intelligence, beauty… but a shadowy side of her personality has always lurked behind the facade, threatening to eclipse her otherwise conventional life. When she falls for high profile Gold Coast surgeon, Angelo Morley, she becomes tangled in the web of his deceit and shady underworld dealings.  Discovering his only interest is to use her as a pawn in his latest scam, her yearning for revenge tips her even further into a snare of unpremeditated murder and panic driven self-preservation.  But her crime is discovered by the person closest to her.  Can she kill a second time in cold blood to protect herself – and risk losing herself to the darkness forever?​ Moving between the glitter strip of the Gold Coast and the beautiful surroundings of Far North Queensland, this psychological thriller delves into the spiralling demise that anger and revenge can wreak on the personality.


The Ned Kelly Game

Australia’s most infamous murdering bushranger, Ned Kelly, has been dead for more than 100 years since he was hanged in Old Melbourne Goal. Now it seems he’s back from the dead – and he can’t stop killing! He starts with the four youths who stole his skull from the museum as part of a teenage prank. They’re grown men now, and one by one they’re picked off and ‘hanged by the neck until dead’, just as Kelly was. Felicity Simons, the one girl in on the teenage prank, is now a history lecturer at Australia’s oldest university. When warning messages from Kelly start to appear she embarks on a quest to grant his dying wish, hoping to put mad Ned’s spirit to rest. But has Ned Kelly returned, or is there a real killer out there? As the police begin to hunt the killer, Felicity soon discovers she could be his next victim…