Jodie Lane

Eight years ago I was embarrassed into writing my first novel. I combined my history studies with my travel experiences and wrote the kind of adventure I would love to read. Writing kept me going through post-natal depression and I fell in love with the process, the creativity and the accomplishment of writing books. I love speaking about my stories, my characters and my experiences and connecting with readers and other writers.

The Siege of Masada

Turning Points Series Book 1: A time-travel adventure novel that mixes historical & science fiction; Gwyn accidentally goes back in time to the famous Siege of Masada, where the Jewish defenders of the fortress are making their last stand against the Roman invaders. She must try return to her time before the siege reaches its bloody end, but is entangled in the plot of the owner of the time machine who is from the future.

Heart and Stomach of a Queen

Turning Points Series Book 5: The final of the 5 book series, it is Gwyn and Michelle's last chance to save the future as they deal with turning points in Spain under the reign of Queen Isabella of Castile and her daughter, Juana the Mad. They must set aside their differences and face their demons, overcoming trauma, prejudice and the fear of the unknown.

The Dark Office

A novella of dark humour set in the not-too-distant future, featuring a cluster of anti-social developers, a feminist vampire and a bored reptilian overlord amongst other quirky characters and strange scenarios. A collection of short stories from the Turning Points universe follows, along with other tales from the pen of Jodie Lane.

To Kill An Emperor

Turning Points Series Book 3: Once again, Gwyn must save history. To do so, she must kill a man. Not just any man – Emperor Domitian of the Roman Empire is a feared tyrant, paranoid of plots and assassins. Can Gwyn find the plotters and help them succeed? Or will she be betrayed herself? Time-Space Agent Michelle journeys back in time to rescue a kidnapped friend. Her travels take her to World War II Britain and nineteenth century Argentina, where the west is still wild and bandits roam the plain. Kidnapped herself, will she succeed in fulfilling her mission, or will she die trying? The Shift is coming. Time travel will change forever and the future depends on these two women, and the people they help live and die.

Renaissance Woman

Turning Points Series Book 4: Murder. Corruption. War.  Gwyn is trapped in Renaissance Italy. She becomes entangled in a web of corruption and deceit as Rodrigo Borgia is made Pope. Gwyn must escape the nefarious clutches of the Borgias, who are infamous for plots, incest and murder. But at what price? The Shift has arrived. Rogue Time-Space Agent Michelle has been sent to Florence, 1492 AD. There are dozens of turning points to fix, and she can't do it alone. The stakes are higher than ever in this fast-paced time-travel adventure. Can Gwyn and Michelle put their differences aside and work together to save the future?