Jane Prior

As a passionate early childhood teacher for over 35 years it was my greatest joy watching children excitedly learn through play. As a retired teacher, mother and grandmother it was my dream to write a series of books that would keep this magic of childhood alive, encourage calm and presence, inspire children to find joy in the everyday, and to nurture a connection with nature. I wished to encourage children to love learning, to love and respect our planet and have an awareness of how to care for her. After retirement, this passion to nurture our young to believe in themselves and trust they are unique and awesome still remains. The Crystal Kingdom Series (3 picture books) due to be released in August 2022 is my dream come true. In the back of each book there is an opportunity for further learning and prompts for the child to create their own adventure.

Olivia Helps the Crystal Fairies

Olivia has not had a fun day. Needing to calm, she uses her imagination and asks Unicorn to take her on an adventure. They cross the seas, soar through a rainbow and arrive at the magical Crystal Kingdom where by helping the fairies, Olivia finds inner calm and clarity about her day.

Olivia Helps the Nature Fairies

Olivia longs to be a nature fairy so she can help protect the Earth. Using her imagination she travels with Unicorn to Crystal Kingdom, only to find the forest in a state of confusion. While showing kindness to a naive wombat, Olivia shares the joy of being in nature and discovers some surprising secrets about the balance of nature in the forest.

Olivia Helps the Mermaids

Olivia has butterflies in her tummy as she waits for her race in the Nippers Carnival. "What if I don't win?" she worries. When Unicorn whisks her off to Crystal Kingdom, Olivia swims with the dolphins and mermaids, disrupts a  shark party and helps restore balance to the sea as well as finds balance in her own thoughts and emotions.