Geoff Glanville

Geoff Glanville was born in Brisbane and is a retired property professional. Geoff started his property career on the Darling Downs in 1970, and the characters he met there influenced him to largely set his first crime thriller, Justice Denied, in that region. The Covid lockdown experience, coincided with an unexpected cancer diagnosis, followed immediately by the recurrence of an earlier cancer. These events gave Geoff cause to retrieve and complete the manuscript that he had started many years earlier. As Geoff says, “It is amazing how motivated you can become when confronted by your own mortality”.

Justice Denied

Lennie Krause has suffered tough times following a devastating sporting injury and the failure of his relationship with worldly wise girlfriend, Marion Kent. Just after Christmas 1980, the young mechanic tragically dies in his Dalby workshop, with the coroner delivering an open finding of either a work accident or suicide. 
Twenty years pass before the terms of Lennie’s mother’s will, see his old grazier friend Alan “Fitzy” Fitzgerald, and revisit the scene of Lennie’s death. Items that Fitzy encounters in the workshop cause him to wonder if the coroner may have been wrong, and whether Marion may have been implicated in some way in the death. The search to discover more, takes the grazier from the Darling Downs to the Gold Coast and Brisbane where Fitzy ultimately teams up with Marion’s ex-husband, Brian Jarrett, a man who has had his own issues with Marion. Marion has become a successful businesswoman and believes she has it all, but will she reap the rewards, or pay a price for her past? Justice Denied is a tale of deception, manipulation, death, tenacity and honour. It is Australia’s latest addition to the literary world’s most popular new genre, “Outback Noir.”