Donna Munro

Donna is an author of fiction and non-fiction. She has self-published four novels and the guide How to Self-Publish in Oz. She tutors courses to aspiring authors and spent three years as the administrative assistant for Romance Writers of Australia, an insight into the publishing industry. Donna never reached five-foot-tall but do not underestimate her for her shortness. When not at her desk with a dog snoring beneath it, you will often find Donna on a Sunshine Coast beach. She will have a book in her hands and her toes in the sand.

How to Self-Publish in Oz

There’s no better joy to an aspiring author than the arrival of the first book baby. Holding a debut book in your hands, flipping the pages, and rubbing the cover may seem surreal. Advancements in technology make it possible for you to simply self-publish. This book eliminates the worries from your self-publishing journey by teaching you tips and tricks; what worked for the author and what didn’t, including steps, motivation, editing, printing, networking, creative freedom, checklist, links and templates.

Beach Cottage Haven

Pepper Cassidy can wield a drop saw like most women use a nail file. But when she returns to Blueshell Beach, the last thing she needs is a sexy, unfriendly neighbour to distract her from the family cottage renovations. Keegan Dallas left the city for a peaceful coastal life—surfing, yoga and a chance to regain custody of his son, Joe. His PTSD is improving, but he’s not quite there yet. She doesn’t need or want a quiet, stubborn man who can’t even use a hammer, let alone a seemingly damaged guy. He would rather be alone but can’t help falling for the beautiful, clumsy, sunshine-optimistic neighbour. After a tragic accident renders Joe mute, can they come together to bring back his voice? That’s if they don’t nail each other to a renovated wall first. When it seems impossible for love to save them, the past might hold the keys to a happy future after all, but not before a threat to those they love most. If grief renders you mute, can love find the words to save you?

A Summer in Paradise

Alkina’s Jarvis reckons the best way to deal with the end of her marriage is to travel from Australia to Africa to volunteer. But she envisions elephants and lions, not the exotic island paradise of Zanzibar. Turning a dilapidated beach resort into a self-sustainable refuge seems straightforward until handsome men keep popping up to distract her. Kendwa Ely is a wild and sexy adventurer. The risk-taking crocodile hunter may be the Tarzan of her dreams, though he has a three-year-old son and an unpredictable side. Don Cloutier, the island’s doctor, struggles with his demons; drink, women and temptation. Will he stop comparing himself to Kendwa and perhaps win Ali’s heart? Shaun Flannery is Ali’s handsome neighbour and friend. Can he make her see sense, or is he just wasting his time? Ali is drawn to Kendwa, but his past comes back to haunt them both? When a medical emergency sends Ali racing home to Australia, she renews her family bonds, uncovers a new betrayal and finds an inner strength from her time with Kendwa in exotic Zanzibar and the wilds of Africa. On her return to the island, will the grief of what she finds overwhelm her?

A Summer Before

A Summer Before: Croc Brothers Romance - book two the prequel to A Summer in Paradise is the story of Kendwa's earlier life. A thrilling adventure romance to have you wishing you were on a Borneo beach. Sexy crocodile wrangler and wildlife ranger Kendwa Ely's troubles didn't begin when he buried his parent; they started long before that. When he was seven years old, the unthinkable happens in Africa, and he must stay silent. In a constant effort to forget it, he travels the world, wrangling crocodiles in Australia's Northern Territory, roping live alligators out of rich people's pools in Florida, fighting for eco-tourism and bedding a constant stream of women. That is until he meets Sharli Ahu. Exquisite as a Hindu princess, Sharli has values, humility and beliefs. A resilient, resourceful woman, she doesn't need a man like Kendwa. Borneo's orangutans are her priority. But there's something about Kendwa that has her lusting after the wild guy despite trying to avoid him. In the jungles of Borneo, Sharli flees Kendwa. But when a venomous snake strikes him, will she stay and be the only one who can save him? Can true love survive the secrets people keep?

A Summer of Hope

A Summer of Hope: Croc Brothers Romance - book three the sequel to A Summer in Paradise is Noah and Emma's story. A family adventure romance to have you wishing you were on a Gold Coast beach. Emma Jarvis has a dilemma - keep dating rock-star handsome Wade or pursue her crush on sexy, silent, probably-married Noah? Noah Cooper and his Down's Syndrome daughter, Hope, are due for a fresh start. But a car accident propels Emma into their secretive world. Will Noah put his guard down long enough to let love back into his life? Emma finds, convincing Noah of a police conspiracy is one thing. Avoiding combusting when she's near him is a totally different predicament. Noah has enough problems without falling for delightful Emma and her lust-inducing cut-off shorts. His wife's abandonment. Proving his father's innocence. And Hope, beginning mainstream school where bullies lurk. When Noah learns his dead brother's son, Jai is with Emma's family; he must cut contact with Emma or lose what's most precious to him. But when Jai and Hope go missing, can the adults unite to find the missing children in the Australian bush? Will an old circus elephant be the key to bonding them before it's too late? A final enthralling, emotional conclusion in a stand-alone story filled with passion and heat.