Christine J Bourne

I have been a writer and storyteller most of my life, but not published until retirement in 2015. I write contemporary Christian poetry as well as writing and performing personalised poetry about people, places and incidents, funny or otherwise, in the bush-story telling style. Since retirement I have self-published three books, two audiobooks and have now signed with publishers for my two new books – Tales of a Travelling Showman and Crazy Praises. I have performed my poetry and stories at various venues across the Sunshine Coast and love the interaction with the audience.  

The Last Mile

A fascinating story of one man's life from early childhood in the 1930's then leaving home at 15 to make his way in the world.  Adventure beckoned and he became a boxer, variety show performer, soldier, kangaroo shooter, gem hunter, writer and poet. He became a travelling showman, a "showie" in 1953 and travelled up and down the east coast of Australia working the agricultural shows, carnivals or circus for almost 50 years. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll appreciate what life was like in his lifetime, a World War, a changing Australia in the sixties and seventies, all told against a background of a mighty and enduring love for his wife that lasted 65 years before she was struck down by Alzheimers. It's a story told on a grand scale about a larger-than-life character, who never knew how to quit; who was romantic and funny and cheeky and charming; who worked and fought and dealt to people as he saw fit. The Last Mile is a testament to his unique life and the way he lived it. Epic and beautiful, simply told. You will love it.

Who Is Your Goliath

This book is a follow-on from Ice Cream is Good but Jesus is Better that talked about the possibility of God in our lives. Who is Your Goliath talks about God being in our lives, helping us face up to and overcome life's difficulties and obstacles. Themes of self-awareness, self-deception and using the gifts we are given, bring a new perspective on how He can help us stabilise, grow, gain peace and find joy and purpose in our lives. There is no perfect life but we can learn to cope with life's imperfections, challenges and chaos if we listen to God and allow Him to help us. There are some light-hearted poems but they all have a message of hope, reassurance and love.

Ice Cream is Good but Jesus is Better

Ice Cream is Good but Jesus is Better sets the tone for this quirky book of answers to life's challenges. It raises the possibility of having God in our lives, instead of relying on ourselves alone. It brings God into everyday life as a friend, a counsellor, a healer, a promise keeper and in some cases, a miracle worker. These days it's not fashionable to believe in Jesus Christ and what He did for us. People cringe at the thought but for those who believe, who have seen God work in their lives, we are convinced He is the answer.