Edible Flowers

Grow your own organic edible flowers

Edible flowers with Anne Gibson

Join local legend Anne Gibson from The Micro Gardener and learn how to use flowers in food. Find out how to create medicinal teas and the health benefits that come from consuming seasonal edible flowers.

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How to use edible flowers

  • As a garnish to decorate meals and make them more visually appealing 
  • In salads – to add flavour, nutrients, flavour and visual appeal
  • Decorate cakes, muffins and sweets
  • Dry and preserve them for decorating desserts
  • Use herb flowers in pesto, dressings, sauces and dishes 
  • Stuff large vegetable flowers like pumpkin or zucchini with savoury filling
  • Add to iced tea, ice cubes for cold drinks or herbal teas
  • Add flavour to sandwiches and wraps
  • Blend sweet flowers in juices and smoothies
  • Add colour to homemade jams and syrups

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Listen on the go with these edible flowers podcast episodes:

  • The Gardenangelists: edible flowers, basil and garden touring wisdom. Join Carol Michel and Dee Nash, both passionate gardeners, authors, as they chat over the garden fence about flowers, veggies, and all the best dirt on gardening.
  • Seattle Urban Farm Co: edible flowers with legendary garden writer, Rosalind Creasy about the joys and perils of eating flowers.
  • The Literary Gardener: edible flowers, a tasty secondary crop with Literary Gardener Rhonda Nowak shares a list of edible flowers from vegetable, herb, even ornamental plants.
  • Roots and All: edible flowers with Jan Billington from Maddocks Farm Organics, a flower farm in Devon growing and selling organic edible flowers. 
  • Plant Based Podcast: 5 edible flowers you can grow at home and how to use them. Alex Drane from Nurtured in Norfolk tells us about edible flowers, and they are easier to grow from seed than you may imagine, and yes they do look as good as they taste!

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On the web

Catch up on these edible flower blogs on the web:

  • The Edible Flower: A fork to fork supper club and catering company based at Erin and Jo’s farmhouse, smallholding and kitchen garden in Saintfield, County Down. The food they cook is inspired by the seasonal produce they grow, wild food from the shores and hedgerows and their travels in Ireland and all over the world.
  • The Complete Guide to Edible Flowers: New York flower business dishing all the dirt on how to cook with flowers with a comprehensive guide to edible and flowers. 
  • The Chef’s Garden: deliciously deep dive into edible flowers and how they add extra layers of flavor and aroma to culinary dishes with intriguing variations among them.


Stream these free flower documentaries on Kanopy:

  • The Secret Life of Flowers: view simple, intermediate or advanced videos.
  • In Organic We Trust: understanding organic food. Follows filmmaker Kip Pastor on a journey to answer the essential questions about organic: what exactly is certified organic and is it the key to transforming our food system.
  • Creating Safe Food Gardens: it seems intuitive that vegetables grown in your home garden will be safer and healthier than those purchased at the supermarket. It’s a good choice to check your garden soil before going ahead for traces of cadmium or lead and learning how best to respond – whether in plant choices or creative garden design. 
  • The organic life follows a year in the life of Austin, a hopeful organic farmer and his sceptical girlfriend Casey, chronicling farm living, who grows your food and how it is grown. An illuminating portrait of sustainable farming in the 21st century.

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