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Whether you are young or old, introverted or outgoing, having healthy relationships, socialising and keeping in contact with those you love are important aspects of a happy lifestyle. Consistent social interaction has many benefits on health, wellbeing, learning new skills and provides friendship, fun, company and camaraderie.

A great way to catch up with friends and indulge in reading is to join or start a Book Club. Sunshine Coast Libraries have over 160 active clubs, with 713 book club sets to choose from. Join a dance club, volunteer, walking or fitness group or start a special interest Facebook group.

Connect online through social media or discover online dating. Catching up online with friends and family is now easier than ever with numerous video conferencing platforms such as Zoom, Facebook messenger or Whatsapp.

Ideas to stay social

  • Join a dance club
  • Volunteer
  • Join a walking or fitness group
  • Start a special interest Facebook group
  • Read bedtime stories to your grandchildren
  • Create your own cooking show to share favourite recipes with your loved ones
  • Sit and chat for hours with friends over coffee from the comfort of your lounge chair.

For more tips and tricks on staying safe online visit the Super safe program.

Sunshine Coast Seniors groups

Lively 50 Group – comprehensive guide of social activities on the Sunshine Coast.

Active Seniors
Creative Seniors

Over 50s Outdoor Adventures Meetup
Sunshine Coast Bicycle Touring Club
Sunshine Coast Bushwalking Club
Sunshine Coast Latin Dance Group
Kiss My Boots Line Dancing
Sunday Wanderers

U3A Sunshine Coast
BATS Theatre
Maleny Players
Sunshine Coast Art Group
Caloundra Regional Gallery

Supportive Seniors
Social Seniors
Men’s Shed Association
Sunshine Coast Council Volunteering
Volunteering Sunshine Coast 
Country Women’s Association
Sunshine Coast Singles 60 and over
BBQ Buddies
Nambour Arthouse Cinema


Reserve these physical items and collect from your local library:

  • My social media for seniors by Michael Miller. Discover the essential skills you need to stay connected with the people you care about; reconnect with old friends and classmates; and share your life with loved ones near and far.
  • Oldies guide to the Millennial World by Katy McEwen. Are you in a complete daze when it comes to streaming, swiping left, LGBTIQ+ and cryptocurrency? This is the book for you. All these things the millennial generation take for granted are now within your reach thanks to the helpful guide to the banter of the modern age.
  • Peak: reinventing middle age by Patricia Edgar. People are living longer, retiring from work later, and remaining active and valuable contributors to the community well into and beyond their 50s and 60s. The book focuses on Australians in the 50-75 age bracket- their contributions to society and their needs and expectations for their own lives.
  • Over 60: living life to the full by Joy Noble. Twenty-five people over sixty have written stories about travelling, restoring a historic ruin, tracking the history of a grandfather in the First World War, bike riding in the French Alps, searching for opals, singing in the Sydney Opera House, volunteering in a museum, and more.

View the help guide for reserving items. Libraries will alert you when an item is ready for collection. If you are not member, join online.


Borrow some DVDs to watch the best families and friendships on screen:


Listen on the go with these seniors podcasts:

  • National Seniors: tune in weekly to hear the latest on all the key issues that matter the most.
  • YourLifeChoices: join John Deeks and Kaye Fallick as they cover all things travel, health and retirement, including tips and tidbits, and commentary from industry experts, to inform you, give you a laugh and help you to live a better retirement. 

On the web

  • Seniors Week Empower, "Together". Hosted by Relationship Australia Queensland Seniors Relationship Services, this free online event aims to shine a light on ageism and help older Australians be connected. Tuesday 18 August, 10.00–11.30am. Register online.
  • Screening of Piano Forte. Piano Forte is a legal education play developed in partnership with the Suncoast Community Legal Service Inc. The play uses a fictional narrative form to highlight the subtle way elder abuse can occur, in addition to exploring the role and responsibilities of an Enduring Power of Attorney. Thursday 20 August, 10.00am–12.00pm. Register online.

Check out more seniors socialisation info:

  • Beyond Blue connections matter - helping older people stay socially active
  • Queensland Health Staying connected while being physically apart: wellbeing in the time of social distancing.
  • Sunshine Coast Council Seniors and positive ageing - Older people play a vital role in the region's communities. Council recognises and respects the significant contribution older people make to the region
  • Council on the Ageing (COTA) Queensland Social isolation and loneliness.


Stream social support sessions on Kanopy:

  • The Social Convey: late adulthood. The social convoy is a group of people who accompanies us on the journey of life. It’s a critical element of good adjustment and well-being at every stage of development. We’re social creatures and thrive on interactions and relationships as we grow and develop. 

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