Super fit

The importance of physical fitness and exercise as you age cannot be overstated. It can literally be the difference between a longer, happier life and a more difficult, restricted decline into old age. Benefits include disease prevention, improved mental health, decreased risk of falls, increased social engagement and improved brain function – all essential elements if you want to age well.

Getting started does not mean you have to break out the lycra or spend a fortune on expensive equipment. Keep it simple and just look for ways to increase movement on a daily basis. Think outside the box, taste test a new class, or join an existing group – anything from zumba for seniors to ocean swimming.




For even more great walks, rides, paddles or ideas of where to go in your neighbourhood, take a look at Adventure Sunshine Coast for over 150 free, self-guided ideas on engaging with the great outdoors. Join the Superfit Seniors movement today!


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More resources

Check out the Gale Health and Wellness database under the topic Exercise. There are 715 short videos on all aspects of exercise including exercise for bone health, exercise for better sleep and how to start a walking group. For quality and reliable health information, Gale Health and Wellness provides a wealth of information on current health issues and topics. Sign in to the State Library of Queensland.

On the web

Council on the Ageing (COTA) are offering four free virtual Seniors in the studio ballet classes on Sunday 23 August 2020. The four ballet classes on offer will cater to all abilities and be taught by Queensland Ballet in their West End studio, and will be live-streamed. Registrations are essential and numbers are limited:


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Got a minute? Try this one minute senior’s exercise routine with trainer Michelle Bridges. It will help you maintain your mobility, bone density, muscle mass and balance. 

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