Festive bucket list

The silly season is officially in full swing, gift shopping chaos has begun and it is time to start stocking the fridge full of festive food.

Whether you love getting into the craziness of Christmas or avoid the season’s hype, a Christmas bucket list filled with fun things to do can be a great start to get you in the mood for the festive season.  

Make a homemade gift

Homemade gifts are a perfect way to tell someone how much you care for them! With that extra effort from your side, you can make someone’s Christmas extra special. Try some of these ideas.

Listen to some Christmas tunes

Blast these classic Christmas songs to get you in the festive spirit. 

  • All I want for Christmas is you 
  • Last Christmas 
  • Rockin around the Christmas tree
  • Winter wonderland
  • Santa Claus is coming to town

Listen to more Christmas playlists on Freegal with your library card.

Watch a favourite holiday movie 

Christmas has come to represent different things to people over the years, and the movies reflect that in kind. If you are traditional and feeling nostalgic, why not watch It’s A Wonderful Life. Stream other holiday favourites on Beamafilm.  

Read A visit from St. Nicholas

It is one of the oldest and most popular Christmas poems ever. Traditionally read on Christmas eve, join the many around the globe. Read ‘Twas the night before Christmas or try these candle luminaries to set the mood.  

Spend the day baking

Christmas cookies, pavlovas, gingerbread houses, and plum pudding… the whole reason we get excited around holiday season. Try some of these easy, simple and special recipes that will make you even happier it is Christmas time.

Discover more recipes from the great range of eMagazines.  

Make an advent calendar

Count down to Christmas in style with these great DIY advent calendars. Choose from easy or challenging

Perform a random act of kindness

Random acts of kindness are some of the most fulfilling and humane things you could ever do. Especially when it is done for a complete stranger. Check out these kindness ideas to get you started.

Make a wreath for your front door

'Tis the season to deck every hall, wall and tree with festive hues. Add some Christmas cheer to your front door and create your own handmade masterpiece.

Make mocktails!

Sit back and relax this summer with these fresh and fizzy mocktails everyone can enjoy.

Make an ugly Christmas shirt

Though our Christmas day might nudge the mercury at 35 degrees, there is still something that speaks on a very deep and personal level about the ugly Christmas jumper. When it is too hot to wear a jumper, why not just a shirt. Take all of the Christmas items you have lying around, and glue them to a t-shirt or singlet. Add glitter, and the masterpiece is complete!

Write your Christmas list

Not sure what to put for on your wish list this Christmas? Try these helpful tips:

  • If there is something that you want, but you can't get because you don't have enough money or your parents won't buy it for you, write it down. 
  • Think of your interests. Think of what you need. Think about what you want.
  • Now for the hardest part. Narrowing down the list. Try to finish with around 10-20 items.
  • Make it neat, colourful, and make sure to add some info about the item, like a picture and a price, maybe even where you can buy it.

When you are absolutely sure everything is correct, show your list to your parents.

It is all about the Christmas tree

Try for something a little different this Christmas, with an alternative Christmas tree.

Play board games

You are never too old to play board games during the holidays. Borrow these great games from libraries. 

Spend an evening wrapping presents

You may think that picking out the perfect present is the hardest part of the holiday season. That is, until you remember you have to wrap it too. Get your wrapping paper, ribbons and gift tags and spend a night tackling this hefty task. Why not mix things up and try these DIY washi tape Christmas tags.

Start a new tradition

Create wonderful memories for the year ahead by starting a few new traditions each year with family or friends. It could be creating keepsakes, cooking treats, or making sure the decorations are up at the same time each year, regardless of the tradition it’s something to treasure. 

Look at the Christmas lights in your neighbourhood

There is one aspect of the festive season that everyone can appreciate: Christmas lights.  Every year the Christmas lights displays get bigger and better and this December be sure to scour the streets for the best in the lights biz. Tour the Christmas lights using the 2020 Christmas Lights Location Map

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