Lynette Noni
“To those who dare hope for a brighter future. Let your light shine.” ― Lynette Noni, Vardaesia

Lynette Noni lives on the Sunshine Coast and has been an avid reader since childhood. She grew up on a farm in the outback before relocating to the coast at age 7. Most of her childhood was spent reading her favourite books and escaping into the magical worlds of Harry Potter and The Chronicles of Narnia. She was devastated when her Hogwarts letter didn’t arrive, but she consoled herself by looking inside every wardrobe she could find, and she’s still determined to find her way to Narnia one day. She now creates her own magical worlds for thousands of young people across the globe to daydream about.

She is the author of bestselling series The Medoran Chronicles, the Whisper duology and has a completely new novel, The Prison Healer coming to bookshelves near you in April 2021.

Lynette is a regular panellist at national and local events and has featured at Sydney Writers’ Festival, Emerging Writers’ Festival, Supanova Pop Culture Exhibition, GenreCon, the National Young Writers’ Festival, Bellingen Readers and Writers Festival, Voices on the Coast, and the Australian National Speculative Fiction Convention.

"Libraries offer something that we need. Not everyone has money where they can go and buy books, and everyone should be reading books. A library offers that chance to borrow a book and read something that you may not have read before. There’s so much in a library that’s a safe space for everyone as well." - Lynette Noni.

Fun facts

  • She won the Gold Inky Award in 2019 for her book, Whisper. The Inky is the only book award in Australia where teens 12-19 get to choose the winner.
  • Her editor, Kate Egan also edited The Hunger Games series by Suzanne Collins.
  • She graduated university with a degree in human behaviour, which helped with the character development in her novels.
  • She also has studied journalism and academic writing.
  • Her best writing times are usually between 10pm-3am, when the rest of the world is asleep.
  • Noni is currently collaborating on a project with #1 New York Times bestselling author, Sarah J Maas.
  • She would often wishes she could be one of those authors who frequent trendy cafés to write, but she needs complete silence to get those creative juices flowing.
  • As well as writing, she is a devoted reader. Check out her favourite titles on Goodreads.
  • If she were in a Hogwarts house, she would be either Ravenclaw or Slytherin. (Slytherclaw!)
  • Some of her fans have cried when they meet her.

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On the web

Lynette Noni on the importance of young people reading for pleasure

“In this day and age, it provides an escape from reality. It offers a sanctuary. Kids in school are at a difficult stage in life due to the world that we live in. To be able to escape to another place, whether it’s a fantasy world or Sydney in a different person’s head, offers an avenue for them to release a bit of whatever they are going through. On another level, it’s really important to expand their imagination. Creativity in any form, whether its finger painting, dramatic arts or knitting is so integral to our development as human beings. Reading is certainly not the least of these creative activities.”

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