Creative holiday ideas

It is the summer holidays! You probably need to find presents for your mates and think of some fun things to do to celebrate the end of the school year.  

How does your family have fun during the holidays? Australia celebrates Christmas a little differently to other countries around the world. In some places, Christmas time means snow on the ground and a roast dinner with potatoes, gravy and gingerbread houses.

In Australia you are probably going to have a big barbeque, make a water slide, or go to the beach with your family or friends. No matter how your family celebrates the holidays, you can definitely have fun with cool craft and cooking this summer.

Need some gift ideas for family or friends these holidays? Why not try making some treats to share. Make sure to check with your parent or guardian before giving food to others.

Try this for a gift – a mason jar with a cookie mix inside, all you have to do is put the ingredients together! Discover more mason jar gift ideas.

If you already have your gifts sorted, what about your wrapping paper and gift tags?

Make a salt painting 

Did you know that salt absorbs water? You can use it to make awesome paintings. Salt painting is when you draw a shape with glue, sprinkle heaps of salt on to the glue and then use watercolour paints to make different designs. Watch the watercolour spread through the salt in cool patterns. Maybe you could try a Christmas tree, a snowflake or a candy cane for your salt painting. 

Create a stained glass sun catcher

Make your own sun catcher with tissue paper and glue. First you need to get some supplies together, like tissue paper in different colours, card paper and some safety scissors. Watch this tutorial and make one in whatever shape or size you want, like this stained glass kite

Make your own tree decorations

Do you want to make some Christmas tree decorations this year? How about a little paper cactus? Make a paper cactus and attach a string through the top, add on some pom poms on a string to look like fairy lights and you have got a little cactus to hang. Or you could try to make an origami 3D paper cactus

Make a paper chain advent calendar 

Do it yourself advent calendars can be as simple as sticking and gluing paper chains together which you can rip off each day as the race towards Christmas begins. Make as many chains as there are days to count down to whichever holiday or day you are celebrating. Try writing little messages, numbers or drawings on each link in your paper chain.  

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