Jacqueline Harvey

Jacqueline Harvey is the author of the bestselling Alice-Miranda and Clementine Rose series. She was a teacher for many years at girls' boarding schools and is now a full-time writer.

Jacqueline speaks to thousands of young people at schools and festivals around the world. She says the characters in her books are often made up of the best bits of children she has met over the years. While she is not a twin like Kensy and Max, she does have excellent powers of observation and has always thought she would make a great spy.

Jacqueline lives in Sydney and is currently working on more Kensy and Max and Alice-Miranda adventures, and some exciting new projects too.

Fun facts

  • Jacqueline knew she wanted to be an author at a young age. She even won a minor writing competition as a teenager which inspired her to think that maybe, she might be able to write books.
  • Jacqueline has a fear of heights.
  • In high school Jacqueline had an interesting math teacher with a pet goat.
  • When Jacqueline became a teacher she often wrote stories and poems and plays for the children in her classes and her desire to write books grew from there.
  • Jacqueline took the giant step away from a 20 year career in schools as a teacher, Deputy Head of Junior School and most recently, Director of Development, to become a full time writer.
  • Jacqueline’s Alice-Miranda character has her own movie 'Alice-Miranda Friends Forever'! It was released in November 2019 with a second film on the way.
  • The new book Kensy and Max: Freefall is coming out in October 2020.
  • Jacqueline has a cat named Balthazar.
  • In her spare time, Jacqueline likes to play golf in exotic locations.
  • Jacqueline was selected as an ambassador for the Australia Reads program in 2020 with the main event being The Reading Hour to be held in November.

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