Geronimo Stilton
“Loving means sharing what you have however big or small it may be!” - Geronimo Stilton, The Haunted Castle

Geronimo Stilton is the publisher and editor of The Rodent’s Gazette, Mouse Island’s most famous newspaper. He is Rattus Emeritus of Mousomorphic Literature and Neo-Ratonic Comparative Philosophy. In his spare time, Mr. Stilton enjoys collecting antique cheese rinds, playing golf, and telling stories to his nephew Benjamin. He has travelled all over the world from Egypt to the jungle and he will do anything to get a new story. He lives in New Mouse City, Mouse Island.

  • Geronimo Stilton may be the name on the famous books – but the stories are actually written by Elisabetta Dami, who lives in Italy. 
  • There are over 120 Geronimo Stilton books!
  • Geronimo gets seasick, carsick and airsick.
  • His secret crush is Petunia Pretty Paws.
  • He hates bananas (and loves cheese, of course).
  • He has a red pet fish named Hannibal.
  • Geronimo has a sister called Thea that has all sorts of adventures.
  • Geronimo has a cousin called Trap – he owns a store called Cheap Junk for Less.
  • Thea is not only an adventurer – she also loves photography.
  • The first Geronimo Stilton book is called Lost Treasure of the Emerald Eye and it was first printed in the year 2000.  

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