Perplexing places

The world is a curious place and with that comes a mystery around every corner. The discovery of perplexing places and mysterious phenomena brings so much wonder and excitement! We have created a list of interesting locations around that world that are sure to make your heart race and your mind explode with the need to follow a mystery.

The Bermuda Triangle

Unsurprisingly, this place really is a triangle, or at least in the shape of a triangle. With a point in Miami, one in Puerto Rico and another in Bermuda this is a hugely talked about place, especially with all the disappearances that happen here. That’s right! Disappearances! It sounds crazy… and maybe it is? This perplexing place is known as somewhere that ships and planes just vanish into thin air, never to be seen again. Some have suggested aliens, a portal to another world, and even magic. But unfortunately, it does not seem to be as exciting as all that. The real reason these disappearances happen is still being investigated today but it is generally put down to the big change in weather here. A big gust of wind is enough to bring down a plane or create a rogue wave big enough to overwhelm a ship. The wreckage is not usually found because of the strong ocean currents dragging it along to some other unsuspecting place in the world. While this mystery has mostly been uncovered, we would still like to think there may just be a little magic at play in the Bermuda Triangle. Fancy a jaunt to another dimension anyone?


Stonehenge is a manmade circle of stones that was made by people way back in the prehistoric days. When we say prehistoric, we mean this amazing piece of work is said to have been started around 5000 years ago which is a long long time. All up it took 1000 years to build. While that may seem like a lot, it is wise to remember that the people back then did not have the tools or transport that we do nowadays. They had to shape these stones using other smaller stones, what a nightmare! And this one may blow your mind, but they had to use ropes and logs to pull the stones from as far as 225km away. After moving and shaping the stones they then had to try and make them stand upright (these stones could weigh up to the same amount as four African elephants!) They would have to use lots of muscle and brain power to get them standing and that is exactly what they did.

You might be thinking, where is the mystery here? Well the mystery is why? Why exactly would they have chosen to go through all this crazy effort only to build a circle of stones? Cool as it is. And the answer? Nobody has any idea. Some people have suggested Merlin, giants or aliens (they seem to be the answer to everything). And others have suggested that it is a calendar, a healing place, or a temple to the gods. Will we ever know why they really built this? Maybe you might be the one to discover the answer and solve a mystery thousands of years in the making. See if you have what it takes to build Stonehenge


A continent lost to the ravages of time, waiting to once again be discovered by the one true Lemurian ruler. Okay, so the fantasy of what a long-lost continent might be like may have taken over on this one but how cool would this be! It sounds like it could be the backdrop for an epic new fantasy book. And while this might sound like the plot to a book, some people genuinely believe that there is a continent called Lemuria, also known as Mu, somewhere beneath either the Indian or Pacific Ocean.

If this sounds confusing to you do not worry! We are pretty confused as well. It seems it all started around 1864 with a zoologist called Philip who believed that since there were lemurs (think King Julien) living in India and in Madagascar, there had to have been some way for them to get there. But they cannot swim that far, and if they went around then surely some of them would have chosen to just stay in places like Africa or the Middle East. But that did not happen, so how did they get from India to Madagascar and vice versa? Philip thought it meant that there was a giant chunk of land between the two that just sunk to the bottom of the ocean one day. Unfortunately, now we know about a thing called continental drift and know that is not the case.

However, in 1870, a biologist named Ernst brought it up again. This time, he said it was in the Pacific ocean and that this is where people originally came from. Since then, people have run with it and there is now a whole heap of people who believe Lemuria was the home to gods and that the gods now live under a mountain in America since their continent sunk. It seems like this was just a hypothesis that snowballed and got crazier and crazier! Do you think you could follow the trail of Lemuria and the Lemurian people? If you figure it all out then be sure to tell us too. And if it really is just the plot of a fantasy book… it seems like it may be one of the best reads this year!

Check out the fantastic dancing lemurs of Madagascar below. Do they know something we do not? Are they from Lemuria after all?

Island of Lemurs: Madagascar

Easter Island

No, unfortunately this is not where the Easter Bunny lives and it is not known for having delicious chocolate in never-ending supply. If you are now somewhat devastated by this news well… you are not alone. While it may not have delicious chocolate, it does have a lot of heads. That may sound a bit weird but we swear it is actually super cool and mysterious!

Easter Island, also known as Rapa Nui, is home to over 900 Moai statues. Moai are large stone statues that were hand carved hundreds of years ago by competing clans. While it may seem like hundreds of large heads all over the island, it was recently discovered by archaeologists on a dig that they have full bodies as well! They have just been buried under the ground and are not visible from above.

The mystery here is how exactly did they move these massive statues of stone around the island? The Moai are on average 4 metres tall and weigh up to 14 tons. Once again, some people have suggested the little green dudes from space are responsible. However, scientists here on Earth have been trying to recreate the process and see if they can move one today with the same tools they would have had when they were originally made. These tools most likely being things like rope and logs. It would seem they may have found a way to do it but nobody can really be sure at this stage. Does this seem like a perplexing place you might like to visit one day? We could definitely imagine exploring the area or setting ourselves up in the shadow of a Moai ready to read a good book.


Easter Island in 4K - 1 hour of Peaceful Relaxing Music

Crooked Forest

Everyone has seen a tree at least once in their life. Tall, straight, tree trunk and leaves? Pretty straight-forward right? Well it may not be all that simple after all! In Poland there is a mysterious place called the Crooked Forest and it is full of… yup you guessed it, crooked trees! These oddly shaped trees were planted in 1930 so they have been around for quite some time. Every one of these trees bends sharply to the north, just above ground level, then curves back upright towards the sky. Funnily enough, there are about 400 of these trees that behave in this way. However, they are surrounded by hundreds more trees that are as normal as can be.

So why would these trees grow all wonky but not the others around them? Well, nobody has even the foggiest clue as to how to answer that. Some people think that a snowstorm may have come through when they were only itty bitty little trees and affected their growth. Others think that the people who planted them might have trained them to grow like this so that it would be easier to make boats and wooden wheels from them. But essentially, nobody has an answer… not even the scientists! What do you think could have happened to make these trees grow so differently from what we know and expect a tree to look like?

Blood Falls

After being discovered by Australian geographer Griffith Taylor in 1911, scientists began experimenting on this curious waterfall in the hopes of discovering what exactly was going on. It turns out that the water is trapped in a pool under the ice, meaning that it has pretty much no access to oxygen at all. Without oxygen, the water has become full of iron oxide and is as salty as any body of water can get.  All that salt and iron oxide combine to make the rusty blood red colour that gives it its name… Blood Falls. So, while this mystery may have been uncovered already, it is a fun one to show family and friends. See if they can come to the same conclusion as the pros, or if they become completely befuzzled by the wonder of the red waterfall.

Marfa Lights

Zooming balls of light shooting across the sky, what a puzzling phenomena this would be! And puzzling it is. In a small Texan town all the way in the U.S of A, is a 138 year old mystery known as the Marfa Ghost Lights. The Marfa Lights can be seen as light orbs that appear out of nowhere and fly randomly throughout the sky, changing colours and shifting in shape as they please. The mystery here is not whether or not they exist (they do), but more so a question of what are they? And where on earth, or elsewhere, do they come from?

While there is no legit answer just yet, there are whole heap of theories out there just to keep things interesting. These theories range from things like headlights shining from the highway (the most popular theory) all the way to something called ‘ball lightning’ which is considered to be a literal ball of lightning. And of course there is the thought that this may be some form of paranormal phenomenon like aliens or magic. What it is exactly? We do not know. But there are plenty of farmers, pilot’s, indigenous tribes and good ole’ passers by that can attest to the fact that these curious little flying balls of light are very much real. The video below shows just one of the possibilities of what these little lights might be.

Did you know in outback Australia we have the same phenomenon which we call Min Min lights?! 

MARFA TEXAS LIGHTS - Mystery Revealed 

Richat Structure

Wow! This is one giant circular crater looking place if ever we have seen one. It looks like the landing site of a humongous flying saucer, or the crash site of an asteroid.In actuality, it is just the leftovers of a dome that has taken a whopping 100 million years to erode. Known as the Eye of the Sahara, this perplexing place can be found in the most inhospitable desert on earth. Looking from the sky you can see just how awe inspiring this structure is, but looking from the ground you can see… absolutely nothing. Imagine you are lying face down at your favourite beach, trying to count every little grain of sand you can see, and that is pretty much your view at the Richat Structure. Sand, sand and more sand!

A long time ago this area used to be filled to the brim with vibrant rivers, lakes and greenery. But for some unknown reason, it all just went poof one day and became a sad barren wasteland. Nobody knows why this happened exactly, it just did. Scientists believe that during this time a large dome shape may have existed in this space but over the years it slowly eroded away to create the 3 circular rings seen today. There is another theory floating around that suggests this intriguing place was once the home of the lost city of Atlantis. Plato, the dude who first talked about Atlantis, wrote that the city had concentric rings just like the Richat Structure. So maybe, just maybe, this theory could ring true?

Scientists have also unearthed lots of old artifacts here, mostly in the outer ring. Amongst these cool finds they have found spearheads, pottery shards and…wait for it… anchors for ships! Does that sound Atlantis-y or what? While there is absolutely no proof that the Richat Structure is anything other than a mysterious natural phenomenon, it does not mean that Atlantis most definitely is not there. We are counting on you guys to uncover the mystery! Atlantis or UFO landing? You tell us.

Nazca Lines

Sometimes creating artwork can be a hassle in itself. But, what if you were doing a drawing that was around 9km long? We can barely walk 9km let alone make a drawing that big! The Nazca Lines are a group of very large designs in Peru’s Nazca desert that were made by removing the top layer of stones to reveal a different coloured soil below. Essentially drawing, but by taking away colour instead of laying it down. These epic creations were constructed more than 2000 years ago but were only discovered in the 1920s.

There are close to 300 different figures, including animals and plants, etched into the desert floor. Some scientists believe that there are still plenty more that nobody has come across just hanging out in the hot sun waiting to be found. Most of the Nazca lines can really only be viewed from the sky or atop a nearby hill. So how exactly did the people who created them know they were drawing in the right spots? How did they not make mistakes and end up with a monkey that looked like a giraffe? Surely something like this must have happened considering it was such a big space they were working across. Nobody really knows how they did this, it boggles our brains to even think! All we know is that they had to of been very patient people. It is thought that the reason for these large scale designs was to ask the gods to bring them water by the truckloads because it was oh so dry! This area only gets about 20 minutes of rain every year so you can understand why they might have been asking for help. Do you think you could create artworks on such epic proportions as this? Are the school holidays your chance to give it a try?

Peru – Nazca Lines. Rare Relaxing 4K Drone Footage

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