Escape rooms

Be a part of the stories you love! We have rounded up some interesting digital escape rooms, featuring well-known characters and incorporating beloved games and books. Enter if you dare…

Fun for all ages

These rooms are aimed at a younger audience (6+) to complete with their parents.

Trials of Wisdom 
By Sydney Opera House 

When the game begins, you are taken into the maze of backstage rooms underneath the opera house and you need to solve puzzles and riddles to move to the next room. There is a password that has to be figured out in each room. Many of the puzzles and riddles incorporate classical music references.

Hogwarts Digital Escape Room 
By Peters Township Public Library 

Welcome to Hogwarts! It is your first year and you have been sorted into your dream house. You arrive to your house’s common room when the door slams shut behind you. Answer puzzles without using magic to escape.

Escape from Wonderland
By Moultrie-Colquitt County Library

You have chased an intriguing white rabbit and found yourself stuck in a new world, Wonderland! It is up to you to solve the puzzles to get home.

The Missing Tiger: A Sherlock Holmes Virtual Escape Room

A rare Sumatran tiger has escaped from the London Zoo! Professor Stamford, President of the Zoological Society of London, calls for Sherlock Holmes to help track down the missing cat. Since time is of the essence, Holmes requests your assistance

Pikachu’s rescue
By High River Library

Oh no! Pikachu has vanished and needs your help. Can you solve the mystery disappearance before time runs out?

Dog Man

Great gobs of goo! Dog Man is at it again as he tries to escape from a digital locked room. It is up to you to save this epic hero of the day. Are you up to the challenge?

Roald Dahl
By Willoughby City Library 

Get the whole family together to complete this Roald Dahl digital escape! 

Dr Seuss 

Explore the world of Dr. Seuss by completing all the tasks and unlocking the codes. 

Minecraft escape room
By Regency Park Library

You have woken up in a strange bedroom that is not your own. Where could you possibly be? Gather clues to explore and escape this blocky world.

Escape Candy Castle 
By Moultrie-Colquitt County Library

Beat King Candy at puzzles and riddles to escape Candy Castle… 

Time Traveller: Arcade edition
By Henika District Library

You are still figuring out this time traveling thing, so when your time device lands you in a dark old video arcade from at least 25 years ago, you are excited -- until you realize you are trapped here! Play your way through the games and challenges they contain to make it back to your own time. 

Lord of the Rings Escape Room 
By White Oak Library 

Set in Middle Earth a couple decades after the events of Return of the King. You are a young hobbit who has heard the tales of the great journey that your father, Perrigan Took, and his friends embarked on years ago. You, being a Took, are filled with the wanderlust that only a Took can be. You decide that an adventure is just the thing you need.

Marvel’s Avengers: Escape from Hydra Base
By Y.A. Awesome Sauce 

Your first assignment as a new superhero is to work with your team to figure out which city is currently home to a world-ending doomsday device which is controlled by undercover Hydra agents. When you get to the Hydra base that has the information, your team gets trapped though! Can you escape and complete your mission before Hydra destroys the world?

Pokemon Panic 
By Y.A. Awesome Sauce
All the Pokemon villain teams from Team Rocket to Team Plasma have gotten together to take your team down. Your group unfortunately become trapped in a panic room at the villain headquarters. Can you use the Pokemon in the room to escape and defeat the villains from taking over?

Escape from Star Killer Base!

By Y.A. Awesome Sauce 

The Rebel Alliance needs your help! The mission is tricky though as you will need to infiltrate a First Order Star Destroyer ship that is stationed above Star Killer Base. You are required to steal information relating to the First Order's starship manufacturing center. If you can figure out where the ships are put together, the Rebellion can destroy the factory--causing the First Order to finally admit defeat.

Jurassic World: Dino Disaster
By Y.A. Awesome Sauce 

The Jurassic World theme park is a once in a lifetime trip! You and your team are one of the lucky few who get to visit the park for a VIP experience – no other guests and minimal staff. You can enjoy all attractions, rides, and amazing dinosaurs without any crowds. There is a threat of a large scale tropical storm, but nothing to worry about. Or is there?

Magical Disney Lock-In
By Y.A. Awesome Sauce 

You have been invited to the greatest Happily Ever After Celebration of all time! Every Disney hero and heroine will be gathering at this huge party with dancing, feasting, and fun. BUT! The Disney villains cannot resist the temptation to ruin your good time. Every villain from Scar to Mother Gothel has teamed up to destroy the Happily Ever Afters. The good guys have the abilities to stop the evil plan but they need to be warned of the attack! 

Extreme X-Men Breakout!
By Y.A. Awesome Sauce 

You and your friends are part of Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters. It is time to prove if you have the stuff to become an official part of the X-Men team. Your first mission is to sneak onto the Brotherhood of Mutants secret compound to steal a virus that is very dangerous to humans which was created by Magneto. Will you be successful in saving the human race or will Magneto take you down?

Percy Jackson: Demigod Quest 
By Y.A. Awesome Sauce 

The Titans are trying to take over the world and defeat the Greek gods and goddesses once and for all. You and your other demigod friends manage to overhear their plan, but you are caught eavesdropping! You race into a hidden room into one of the ancient Greek temples. The door seals behind you, keeping you safe from the Titans for now. Can your group escape from the temple to warn the gods and goddesses in time?

Middle Earth Mission: Lord of the Rings 
By Y.A. Awesome Sauce 

There are whispers of evil rising in Middle Earth once again. The shadow of evil is rumoured to be situated around the realm of Angmar located in the north part of the Misty Mountains. A fellowship is put together (like the one used to escort the One Ring to Mordor) and sent on a journey to investigate. Will your fellowship team get rid of the source of evil before it turns Middle Earth into a realm of darkness?

By Salt Lake County Library 

Have some fun with Arthur Conan Doyle’s famous character Sher-Lock Holmes

By Salt Lake County Library

You are at the beach and find a mysterious board game under a pile of driftwood. Running back to your house, you throw open the door and show your sister. Opening the box and looking through the pieces, you decide to play. What adventure will go you on?

A Grimm Quest 
By Hastings Public Library 

Wish life was a fairy tale? This digital escape room is based on the original Grimm Fairy Tales!

Teen Escape Rooms

These rooms are aimed at an audience of 12years+ 

Anime Escape Room 
By White Oak Library

On your way to school, a mystery figure steals your bag that holds homework that will cost you 30% of your grade! You follow the figure to a mystery portal, and enter it in hopes of recovering your bag only to find yourself in a new world! Not just any world, but the world of anime! Travel through different anime including, but not limited to, Fairy Tail, Full Metal Alchemist, Attack on Titan, and more! Discover who the mysterious figure is and why he stole your bag! Be careful though, anime worlds are not as friendly as our own! 
Escape the fairytale
By East Orange Public Library

Enter the magical portal and follow the magical book fairy. Do what she says and try to escape back home.  

Escape the sphinx
By Clermont County Public Library 

Solve the riddles and puzzles issued by the Sphinx. Clues can be hidden anywhere. Look closely and follow all the links. You must solve the Sphinx’s’ puzzles or be trapped within forever!

Clue Escape Room
By White Oak Library 

An escape Room is based on the Clue board game.  

The Minotaur’s labyrinth
By Salt Lake County Library, Riverton Branch

You are the demigod Theseus and have offered yourself as tribute in the hopes of killing the Minotaur within the labyrinth. Equipped with a ball of string so you don’t lose your way, you make your way into the maze. Figure out the riddles and challenges to complete the quest.

Spy Apprentice

By Washington-Centerville Public Library

As one of the top graduates from a prestigious spy school, you are an ideal apprentice for any spymaster. Finally, the time has come for all your skills to be put to the test!

Space explorer Training 
By Campbell County Public Library

Begin the transmission and complete the Training Simulation. Use your skills of observation to complete the course and become a full-fledged space explorer.

Sailor Moon
By San Antonio Public Library

The residents of Tokyo are in danger! Help Usagi and the guardians defeat the Dark Kingdom before they drain the energy of everyone in the City.

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