Vienna Mesh

A collection of water colour paintings and ink/graphic pen drawings by Vienna Mesh.

From the artist: I am a young developing artist. I’m continuously exploring my skills and style. My style takes inspiration from artistic representation of the Japanese culture. I particularly admire the famous prints of Hokusai and creations of Miyazaki, while also developing my own unique artistic interpretation. I personally love to contrast innocence through a cartoon style with more unsettling concepts and visual expressions. This contrast is also represented through the colours I work with, red and blue.

My work holds no complexities or great meaning, I create art as it is a passion of mine and always has been. I don’t like to work with the pressures and limitations of conveying a certain concept. I believe there are no boundaries to what an artist desires to create. I want my work to be whatever the audience needs it to be. 

Library Dates
1 December to 31 December

Free. Exhibition available during library open hours.