Kathleen McArthur

Kathleen McArthur lived in Caloundra for over 50 years and made her way with fierce assurance and talent into the hearts and minds of Caloundra City’s residents and visitors.  

Her varied media includes wildflower watercolours, books incorporating those paintings in her advocacy of conservation, theatre scripts highlighting historical foibles, and pertinent and timely letters-to-the-editor on environmental issues.

In her eight books – botanical, historical, and autobiographical – Kathleen McArthur conveys a message of the beauty and integrity of nature, and constantly re-focuses our attention on the facts of ecological balance when that balance is threatened.

View her works in the Nambour Library, in conjunction with the launch of the Kathleen McArthur Podcast

Location Event  Dates
Nambour Library
Exhibition Tuesday 20 September to Monday 3 October

Free. Exhibition available to view during library open hours