Grace McClymont

With a background in printmaking and painting, Grace McClymont is an artist who thrives on working across a number of mediums.  Her latest series of stencil artworks creates a light-hearted celebration of colour, pattern, composition and life. 

Created by applying layers of spray paint through hand cut stencils, these colourful pieces are a smiling salute to contemporary street art and urban culture.  

While the main subject stencils are designed and hand cut by the artist, stencils used for creating pattern and texture were gathered from found objects and household items like fly swatters, storage containers and packaging.

The execution of stencil artworks in the final stages is quite speedy because of the pre-cut stencils. However, this in turn requires much preparation and confidence from the artist to ensure quick decisions are made regarding composition and content.  

Library Date
Kawana Friday 1 February to Thursday 28 February 

Exhibition available during library open hours.