Courtenay Noble

Courtenay has always been fascinated by animals and the natural world in all its beauty. She got her start in animals as a child walking her neighbours’ dogs. At age 15, Courtenay started volunteering at the RSPCA Canberra and from there never looked back. 

Courtenay went on to do everything from working with rescue and welfare organisations to running her own homestay service for dogs. Courtenay then founded the Cause for Paws 101 animal safety campaign in 2015 which included the dogs in hot cars campaign and the annual winter coat campaign. Courtenay is currently working on a third harness the love campaign, which will launch in mid 2021. 

Pre COVID, Courtenay travelled to the USA annually to spend time with fellow animal enthusiasts, breeders, trainers, and their incredible animals. Several of these animals are featured in this exhibition.

Her love of art and animals has evolved into these conceptual pieces on display. Her method involves using a fine blade to hand cut layers of parchment and textiles which are then bound together to create a 3-dimensional finish.

Cause for Paws 101 is a non-for-profit personal passion project of Courtenay's. All proceeds from sales go towards continuing the work and helping animals and their humans who are vulnerable in our communities. 

Library Dates
Kawana Monday 1 February to Monday 1 March

Free. Exhibition available during library open hours.