Buderim Craft Cottage

The Painting Group at Buderim Craft Cottage is eagerly anticipating their annual Art Expo to be held on 11 – 14th August 2022.

Our artists are madly applying brush to paper and canvas, the stores of flour cream and jam are swelling to facilitate the daily baking of fresh scones and the raffle master is putting together different prizes this year.
During the year the number of members in our group has increased considerably and, with that, our group has been infused with new talent, techniques, and styles. This is reflected in the diverse range of paintings exhibited during the Expo.
Come in, browse, sit for a while with a cuppa and be delighted by the quality of our unique art. What you need to fill that space on the wall may well be hanging at our Expo. 

Library Dates
Kawana Friday 1 July to Saturday 30 July

Free. Exhibition available during library open hours.

Images courtesy of the artist.