Storytime from Space


  • Storytime from space

    Grab a comfy spot and sit back to enjoy a real live astronaut read you a story from the International Space Station. 

    Storytime from Space

  • Swopbots

    Learn the basics of coding and create your own adventure game. Once it’s done challenge your family to play it!  


  • Cartoon Dave

    Join the crazy, funny Cartoon Dave for cartoon lessons. Did you know Dave lives on the Sunshine Coast? Find out more about Dave on his official website.

    How to draw pigs with Cartoon Dave

  • Scavenger Hunt

    To avoid spending all day on your device, how about creating a scavenger hunt for the whole family to join in? Write a list of common household items and get family members to complete the checklist.  

    You can either write the items down or you can get really creative and take photos of specific items and then hide them all. Give the phone to other family members and they have to find every item stored in the gallery.

  • Grow your own food

    Packets of seeds and seedlings may be scarce to find at the moment but that doesn’t mean you can’t grow your own food!

    Do you have a stick of celery or a lettuce in your fridge? How about some tomatoes or spring onions? You can grow a whole bunch of stuff from food scraps you’d normally put in the bin/compost bin. Search the internet to see if you can find more ideas.

    Grow your own food

  • Read an online book

    While the library may be closed there are still lots and lots of ways you can access books from home.  

    Get mum or dad to help you out and join up with one of our eBook Platforms. So many books and comics to choose from!

    Read an online book

  • Submit a review

    Got a great book you want to tell the world about? Why not submit a review for us so we can tell everyone!

    Submit a review

  • Visit a zoo

    The San Diego zoo have a wide range of webcams so you can visit all your favourite animals. While the zoos are all closed it’s a wonderful opportunity to see how the animals are behaving when it’s quiet!

    Did you know the San Diego Zoo is one of the oldest zoological parks in the world and was first created way back in 1921? They have over 3,700 animals and more than 650 different species and were one of the first zoos in the world to create open-air, cage-less exhibits.

    Visit a zoo

  • Sporty time

    Just because you are at home doesn’t mean you can’t play sport. Got any empty milk/soft drink bottles waiting to be recycled? Why not make your own bowling alley. Tip: Clean the bottles first! 

    Challenge the whole family to a daily game of bowls. You can add music so they have to do a dance move, or change the rules so they have to not hit anything! Why not make it really  hard and create a hopscotch grid they have to jump through before they bowl the ball?

  • Science experiment

    When the sun is shining it’s time to get out in the backyard and do some science! We’ve found a great experiment to help colour your world. All you need is the sun, some paper and some water.  

    Science experiment