Roll up, roll up, for lots of show fun!


Do you love attending the show or Ekka and felt devastated to miss out this year? Then stress no longer, because Sunshine Coast Libraries have designed a program full of activities for you to replicate your very own show experience.

Splendid Show Snacks

Fry of the Dog
Dagwood Dogs, Corn Dogs, Pluto Pups… it doesn’t matter what you call them. All that matters is the battered fried goodness when you take that first bite. Give it a dip in your favourite red condiment, tomato sauce and take it to the next level.

Finger-lickin’ apples
The tartness of an apple blended with sweet, hard toffee. What a treat! There are so many types of toffee apples you can make. Don’t like the traditional red colour? Change it to purple. Like sparkly things? Put some edible glitter into your toffee. Does it seem a bit boring to look at? Then turn it into a Spiderman Toffee Apple!

Note: Ask a parent or guardian before making toffee apples. The toffee gets HOT and sticky, so it can burn. Please be careful.

Host your own bake off

Every country show has a baking competition, where entrants submit their baked goods into different competition categories. Host your very own show-style bake-off at home and discover who the best baker in your household is.

Here are some show-style recipes to get you started:

  • Scones – There are many different types of scones out there to try. Why not get started with this interesting (and super easy) recipe that uses fizzy lemonade?
  • Strawberry Jam – Try this 3-ingredient Strawberry Jam recipe from the Ekka.
  • Mars Bar Slice – Who doesn’t love a good Mars Bar? With this recipe, combine your favourite chocolate bar with a few other ingredients and presto, you have the delicious Mars Bar Slice!
  • Lamingtons – Join in with this easy-to-follow video on how to make Lamingtons.

Be sure to concentrate when working in the kitchen and handling hot materials, knives and other hazardous objects. Always ask a grown up before you start.

Cooking Books

Here are the top 5 things to borrow:

Find more cookbooks at your local library.

Sideshow Alley

You don’t need to go to the show to enjoy the sights, sounds and fun of sideshow alley. You can design and create your very own games of chance and skill using every day, household objects. Below are some projects for you to get started.

Guess How Many?

This is a simple and very popular game. People are asked to guess how many jellybeans are in a large jar. The guess closest to the correct number is the winner and gets to take the jar home. Hold your own guessing challenge!

Skee-Ball DIY

Build your very own Skee-Ball game out of cardboard boxes.

Can Toss

Collect similar sized cans and tins from the recycling and decorate them however you like. You can use paint or collage with paper and fabric, or any other craft materials you can find. Once decorated, stack them up and try to knock them down with a ball in one throw.

When using recycled cans/tins, make sure they are clean and there are no sharp edges!


Fireworks are commonplace at the show but having them at home can be dangerous. The Soda explosion experiment is an excellent alternative for the fanatics who missed out on their firework fix at the show.

Watch these amazing fireworks displays:


Here are the top 5 eBooks to borrow:

More ideas

  • The Sunshine Coast Agricultural Show has been running for over 100 years. Ever wondered what it was like back in the day? Well wonder no longer! Check out this fantastic collection of photographs that give some insight into what the show has been like over the years.
  • Get into the Sideshow Alley mood with Freegal and stream this playlist of Classic Carnival Music
  • Ekka YouTube Channel
  • Make your own showbag. See if mum or dad will buy you some chocolate or candy and a small toy and decorate a paper bag with your favourite character. You could even get more creative and build your own paper toys.

Get inside the fireworks display with this amazing drone footage:

Reminder! While we want you to have fun watching this video don’t forget to hit stop at the end of it. YouTube will automatically play other videos that may not be about this subject and not suitable for you.

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