Myths, legends and magic
"Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it." – Roald Dahl

Nearly every culture on the planet has some form of magic in their history and many myths, legends and fairytales all have magic themes throughout. Wherever humans have set foot, magical beliefs have accompanied them.

Egypt In Egyptian myth, magic was one of the forces used by the creator to make the world. The Egyptians also regularly practiced magic, mainly to protect and heal but they were known to pub curses on enemies and traitors.

Greece If you have ever read the Percy Jackson series you will understand how big, and how bad some of the characters in Greek mythology are. From Heracles the strongest man in the world to Scylla who has six snakelike heads, the history of Greece is firmly rooted in magical characters. 

Ancient Greece and Rome Binding spells were very popular in the Greek and Roman culture. They used these spells to have a happy marriage, gain victory in athletics or have a bountiful harvest. The spells were written on tablets (stone – not iPad) and amulets to wear. Many of these have been found by archaeologists. 

Camelot One of the best and most enduring myths surround the legendary King Arthur. From pulling a sword from a stone and becoming King to having Merlin the magician in his court the legend has been recreated in books, movies and tv shows.

Salem Witch Trials Perhaps the most famous point in magical history of the world is the Salem Witch Trials. Unfortunately it was everyday people put on trial with no magical abilities.

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Whether it is stepping through a portal into another world or waiting for your owl-delivered acceptance letter, magic is something that draws you into fictional worlds time and time again.

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  • Molly Moon and the Incredible Book of Hypnotism
    Orphan, Molly Moon, lives a hard life in a cold, run down orphanage, run by Miss Adderstone, a woman of cruel rules. Then one day, Molly finds a book, ‘Hypnotism, An Ancient Art Explained’. Can she learn its lessons and hypnotise her way out of her miserable life?
  • Alice's Adventures in Wonderland 
    This magical and intoxicating musical adaptation from 1972 of Lewis Carroll’s classic tale explores Alice’s dizzying adventures down the rabbit hole.
  • Forest Fairies
    After she moves from the big city to the family farm with her mom, Amanda stumbles upon a hidden village of fairies in the forest. They help her thwart a scheming land developer’s plan to trick her mother into selling the family inn.
  • A Witches Ball
    Every year the witching world gathers to celebrate all of the newly inducted witches into their magical world. Beatrix is eager to become part of this world, but when her pending status is jeopardized, she needs the help of her furry best friend Muggs to solve some magical riddles before the big event. Will she sink or fly on her big night?
  • Selkie
    Jamie is a typical teenager living the good life: a popular lad, he has a part-time job, is on the footy team and is the lead guitarist in a rock band. But all this is threatened when his mum (Celine O'Leary) announces that she has a new job as head scientist at a marine research base. Forced to uproot and move to a remote island, Jamie soon discovers that all is not as it seems.
  • Valley of Knights 
    In the magical world behind the never-ending forest, an evil lord, eager to rule the Valley of Knights, steals a magic suit of armour and is determined to hunt down the young queen for the missing part, the snow-making glove. But two courageous kids from our world are coming to her rescue…

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