Vikings love to ski… amongst other things

The Viking Age (800-1050 AD) is a fascinating period of human history. Over the past few years shows like Vikings and The Last Kingdom have blasted our screens with images from fictional Viking worlds in full technicolour!

With a reputation for raiding, violence and pillaging (which admittedly historical records show they were rather good at), Vikings also had a more cultured and refined side. They operated as explorers and traders as well as being adept in the literary fields of poetry/prose and capable of amazing artistic expression through carving and jewellery.

Vikings hailed from the Scandinavian regions of what are now Denmark, Norway and Sweden. Their sturdy longboats took them adventuring to many new lands including; Ireland, Scotland, Britain, France, Russia, Iceland, Greenland, North America and the Middle East.

10 Fascinating Viking Facts

  • The word Viking actually means "Pirate raid" in Old Norse language.
  • They did not wear helmets with horns – this idea comes from costumes worn in an 1876 production of Der Ring des Nibelungen by Wagner.
  • Some of the days of the week are named after gods who the Vikings worshipped. Thursday is from Thor.
  • A sword was the most valuable thing a Viking could own and not everyone could afford one as the exquisite craftsmanship put into making them made them very expensive.
  • Vikings loved to ski for fun and had a god of skiing called Ullr.
  • Vikings who were not born blonde (a cultural beauty ideal for Vikings) used to bleach their hair and sometimes beards.
  • They used a product made from a type of fungus and human urine to use as a fire-starter. Slightly disgusting but very resourceful!
  • Despite how they are portrayed today, Vikings had a high standard of hygiene – bathing once a week, using tweezers, razors, combs and ear cleaners. They loved a soak in natural hot springs too.
  • Vikings beat Columbus in discovering America!
  • Most Viking men were peaceful farmers, not raiding warriors.

So maybe everything "learned" about Vikings from screens should be taken with a pinch of salt, even if it is addictive and leads to binge watching!

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Viking travel

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Viking Fiction

Fancy some Viking fiction? Try out these authors who love to tell Viking tales:

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Viking viewing

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Maybe your name really is Thor after all!

Viking listening

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