Image credit: Hinterland Photography
Sunshine Coast Life

To record this history in the making, you can upload your COVID experience to Sunshine Coast Life. We’re living through a significant time in modern history due to the COVID-19 pandemic. If you have photos (within social distancing) of bin isolation fun, ANZAC Day Driveway services, teddy bear hunts, neighbourhood moments, chalk drawings and toilet paper wins or other memories, share the love with Libraries to create a snapshot of our region’s experience.

Sunshine Coast Life is an online platform to share pictures, videos and documents from the past and the present. It’s easy to upload! 

  1. Head to Sunshine Coast Life 
  2. Create your web account to upload photos, videos and documents
  3. Look for the contribute tab on the left hand side 
  4. Choose Upload image or map, object, publication, document, video or audio 
  5. Be sure to add COVID in your comments and story
  6. Confirm your copyright option 
  7. Upload photos one at a time or as a group
  8. Check out the Geomap feature – tag and search by location from the map 
  9. Hit Save!
  10. Images uploaded will go live on the site within 7 days.

Check out more Sunshine Coast heritage and history online

  • Nambour Chronicle – visit digitised versions of this iconic Coast newspaper.
  • Oral Histories – listen to local stories from older residents about Sunshine Coast life.
  • Picture Sunshine Coast – the Libraries database of over 12,000 images of history and development on the Coast.
  • Sunshine Coast Timeline – the first inhabitants of the Sunshine Coast were the people of the Gubbi Gubbi (Kabi Kabi) language group whose ancestors came to the region as far back as 30,000 years. Follow the timeline from 1770.
  • Maps – see the collection of work published on the Queensland Historical Atlas. The site displays hundreds of maps and images from Queensland.

Image credit: Hinterland Photography