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Leave frantic behind

It has been the year to slow down and take stock. That longer stay at home has shown that life in the fast lane with long commutes and ties to the office is not the only way. Many can do their job anywhere thanks to online tech and conference calls like Zoom. Now you can create a simpler life.  

Bernard Salt, who predicts demographic change before change happens, argues that frugality will soon be the new normal. Enter slow living: that return to a mindful life pace, revived local connections, living closer to nature and buying local rather than global. 

Living slowly gives you permission to leave frantic behind. No more FOMO (fear of missing out). No more super stress. In other words, living in the moment but looking to the future. 

Good morning Spring

Sustainable and simple life practices are part of the slow living movement:

  • Slow living interiors – ways to make home a slower space 
  • Slow fashion – less fast fashion waste and more quality sustainable fabrics
  • Slow food – seasonal food traditionally cooked 
  • Slow parenting – more sharing time for families with less scheduled activities
  • Slow travel – stay longer, travel off-season and be mindful along the way. 

Top 9 slow-lane tips to start living the slow life:

  1. Learn to say no
  2. Spend more time alone
  3. Build rituals into your day 
  4. Start a garden
  5. Make something you would normally buy at a shop
  6. Reduce your media consumption
  7. Enjoy your commuting time 
  8. Take time to build relationships
  9. Cook at home


Reserve these go slow reads and collect from your local library:


Libraries love these slow living eBooks:

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Get more great Go-Slow titles with these eMagazines:

  • Slow Living 
  • Simple Solutions

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Listen to these go-slow podcasts:

  • The Slow Home Podcast by Brooke McAlary who chats to others who have adopted a similar approach to life - slowing down, opting out, saying no. 
  • Conscious Chatter is a podcast committed to discussing sustainable fashion, style, and the global garment supply chain.
  • The minimalists has stories about minimalist life in relationships, home, self-care, the workplace, and more.

Search for these free podcast titles and more via your preferred podcast provider.


Get slow life streaming with these Kanopy documentaries:

  • Slow Food Revolution embraces the earth to table process of slow food living, showcasing the parts of the world that do slow food best
  • Edible City – learn about the Good Food Movement that's taking root in the San Francisco Bay Area and around the world 
  • In Pursuit Of Silence – find quiet spaces beyond the frantic mind in this meditative documentary
  • Living the Change – live in a sustainable and regenerative way now.

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