Pirates and buccaneers

Greet your friends with a hearty “Ahoy, maties!” or “Ahoy, me hearties” on September 19 for International Talk like a Pirate day.

This day was created in 1995 by John Baur (Ol’ Chumbucket) and Mark Summers (Cap’n Slappy), and springs from a romanticised view of the Golden Age of Piracy. The Golden Age of Piracy occurred in the Caribbean and in the waters off the American colonies in the century after 1650. During this time more than 5000 pirates were said to be at sea. Talk like a pirate day is now a popular worldwide event and is definitely not just for children. 

How to talk like a pirate

Celebrate Talk Like a Pirate day

  • Learn to secretly insert pirate words throughout the day.
    • Get cut off in traffic? Call them a scallywag or a son of a biscuit eater or just hang the jib (frown).
    • Instead of G’day, greet everyone with Ahoy!
    • Run a rig on your staff or family members (play a trick) and do not get three sheets to the wind.
  • Host a pirate themed morning tea and ask your guests/colleagues to come dressed as pirates, or at least wear a pirate hat.
  • Watch movies and read books that feature pirates as central characters. Some examples include the Pirates of the Caribbean film series and Treasure Island.  Go even further and track down the real swashbuckling adventures from the 40’s and 50’s starring Australia's Errol Flynn.
  • Borrow library resources to discover more about the history of piracy and famous pirates


What do ye call a pirate with two eyes and two legs?
A rookie.

What did the ocean say to the pirate?
Nothing, it just waved.

A pirate and a sailor were exchanging stories. The sailor pointed to the pirate’s peg leg and asked, “How did you get that?”
The pirate said, “Aye, I wrestled a shark and lost me leg.”
The sailor pointed to the pirate’s hook and asked, “How did you get that?”
The pirate said: “Aye, I fought Red Beard’s crew and lost me hand.”
The sailor pointed to the pirate’s eye patch and asked, “How did you get that?
The pirate said, “Aye, a bird came by and left droppings in me eye."
The sailor said, “That’s not as impressive as the other two. …”
“Aye,” the pirate answered. “It was me first day with the hook.”

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  • A Buccaneer at Heart by Stephanie Laurens
  • Buccaneer by Dudley Pope
  • Adrift: Seventy-six days lost at sea by Steven Callahan
  • The King’s Buccaneer by Raymond Feis
  • True Stories of Pirates by Lucy Lethbridge

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Top 5 eAudiobooks

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  • Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson
  • In the Heart of the Sea by Nathaniel Philbrick
  • Robinson Crusoe by Daniel Defoe
  • Pirate King by Laurie King
  • South Sea Tales by Jack London

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  • Colouring Book: Nautical and Marine
  • Boat International
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On the web

  • Learn about these famous pirates with Britannica Library:
    • William Kidd
    • Anne Bonny
    • Blackbeard
    • Sir Henry Morgan
    • John Avery
    • Mary Read
  • Discover the National Geographic Virtual Library: From pirates of the Ancient World to the notorious hunting grounds of modern-day piracy, National Geographic has a huge range of articles to choose from. Log in with your library member number.
  • Treasure Fever: Read about clashes in North America between modern-day treasure hunters and archaeologists.
  • Check out the Pirate History Podcast: A podcast about the Golden Age of Piracy in the Caribbean. History, high seas adventure, myth and magic, voodoo, treachery, biography and freedom await.

Five pirate myths that are actually true

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