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Spending more time at home has made it easy to see the last 10 years of homeware and décor choices.

Who bought that 1982 chair? Could someone please explain the wallpaper?

There has been a real uptake in budget-based interior renovation and upcycling is one of them. Upcycling is a great way to renovate with flair and little to no dollars. It is rewarding to take something tired or dated and breathe new life into it. Who does not love the optimism of a cost-effective DIY makeover?

DIY thrift deco | Cheap and easy room decor ideas

Top 4 reasons

Top reasons why upcycling is the best way to transform your décor:

  1. Ecofriendly and saves landfill
  2. Celebrates old-school craftsmanship and your own creativity
  3. Cheaper than buying new products
  4. Delivers one-of-a kind pieces in your home


Upcycling online project inspiration:

  • Cheese platter shelves
  • Shirt cushions
  • Guitar bars
  • Surfboard towel racks
  • Shutter notice boards.
  • Mandala stencilled furniture

Try adding one or two stunning upcycled pieces to your favourite room.

Interested? Get started now #DIYforDays

A new-look life is just around the corner.


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  • 50+ Decorating Ideas
  • Home & Decor: Renovate
  • Old House Journal

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  • Tyres - defunct tires are transformed from their original shape and are reborn into new objects.
  • Reclaiming old wood - a Texas Wood facility reclaims, refurbishes and resells old wood.

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More on the web

Find more on the web with these upcycle ideas:

Bohemian Macrame Chair Upcycling DIY

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