Speak emoji

Ever received a text that is entirely written in emoji? Using emojis can be a bit like speaking a different language. It is fun and creative and quick too. But beware the unwritten rules!

The first emojis were created in 1999 by Japanese artist Shigetaka Kurita to improve SMS texting. As the emoji tsunami took hold, new emojis popped up - do you remember seeing the changes on your device keyboard?

Emojis constantly evolve and are a living language – new skin tones and inclusive emojis such as same-sex couples are great examples of how emojis have evolved with the times.

Sir David Attenborough explains the Emoji phenomenon

The COVID-19 pandemic brought in the new Care emoji. It communicates more than the usual heart emoji, with a smiley face giving a hug.

Care emoji

Emojis are part of the defining zeitgeist of our technology-driven lives. Who does not want a smiley face every day?

Some emoji facts:

  • 95% of internet users have used emojis and over 10 billion emoji are sent daily.
  • Emojis are replacing netspeak acronyms such as LOL and OMG and compose 50% of all Instagram communication.  
  • Cannot find the emoji you want? – you can download apps that includes different emojis to use. 
  • Celebrate World Emoji Day on 17 July.
  • The most popular emojis include those that express millennial acronyms such as TOJ (Tears of Joy) and ROFL (Rolling on the Floor Laughing). In 2015 the TOJ (Tears of Joy) emoji was chosen as its word of the year.
  • Emoji was added to Oxford Dictionaries in 2013.
  • Emoji trivia is a thing. Try this movie trivia quiz
  • Emojis show up in very odd places – even tattoos.
  • New emojis are now like movie launches and their popularity is debated on social media!  
  • More amazing emoji facts.

Get started speaking emoji by reserving these great titles. You can even read a Shakespeare classic entirely in emoji!


Find out more about Gen Y with these eBooks:

  • The world according to Y: Inside the new adult generation by Rebecca Huntley
  • 13 is the new 18: And other things my children taught me - while I was having a nervous breakdown being their mother by Beth Harpaz 

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Stream emoji related eMovies on Kanopy:

  • Social animals premiered at South by Southwest’s Film Festival and explores the positives and pitfalls of Instagram.
  • 2004 – The rise of social media looks at how the web and social media created turning points in modern history.
  • Shifting years investigates the ways in which working together as generations creates positive change.

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On the web

Develop your emoji skills with these helpful how-to websites:

  • Emojipedia - search for an emoji and get your meaning right every time.
  • Emoji Meanings: How to interpret and use 17 common (and confusing) emojis.
  • Understand the hidden meaning of some emojis with Stay Safe Online.

The Emoji Movie trailer

‘Hem’, the emoji, cannot keep in character and is worried he will find himself in the gulag for unsuccessful emojis. Sony Pictures amusing 2017 film is a fun introduction into the world of emojis.

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